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Episode 211: To whoever looted Tigerdyr after our duel.

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Hail friends,

(What's this?)

Tigerdyr of the White Councel summoning a red gate in the middle of town with no one around to squeel my intentions except for Aldus Grober and Ari Lych.

(I like those odds.)

I quickly follow right behind.

Dungeon Wrong and Sunchicken of KOC, ready and waiting.

(This was just getting better and better.)

I had only just begun to scout out the area when Tigerdyr's health drops like a rock.

(How embarrassing.)

--But wait!

I'm not in position! I'm not ready for the snatch! (I'm not even on the roof!)

Sunchicken runs off to the south and leaves Tigerdyr's very lootable (and very embarassing) corpse all alone.


(Something was wrong.)

Had back-up arrived? Had unwanted guests interrupted the fun? Did someone beat me to the body? (Was I just a treasure-less asshole standing at ground level, watching others have their way with the body?)

(Only one way to find out.)

I peak at the body and take another look at their mounts.

(Of course.)

Oppositing factions. I loot with glee.

A Heart of the Lion, Kasa of the Rajin, Fey Leggings, a 1/3 magical ring, and hundreds and hundreds of regs!


I bank my goods and return, but they've long gone. Still, I had to unload this faction tagged crap. I wait for them at Luna until I hear reports (from an anonymous patriot) of a Sunchicken sighting in Minoc. I drop what I'm doing and go to meet my latest fan:

I get there and find nothing but a silver farmer.

I decide to check the public boards:

Public Posting by Sunchicken: Come on now.
"To who ever looted Tigerdyer after our duel. I am willing to buy his suit back unblimished would be nice. At least offer that. I know its my fault it got lost and im willing to buy it back for him."

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
"It'll cost you the low, low price of 200k and a book stating that I'm the greatest thief in all the land...!"

I immortalize the text by applying some red leaves I looted from the IDOC the day before and lock it down in my ever growing library. (Oh, the memories!)

(I thank thee.)

'Til next time!

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