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Episode 049: Symptoms of Greed and of Power

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Hail friends,

I don't claim to be a nice person. I just assume people know it before hand.

Just as I assume that Woo Fe knows this as I was taking his precious Pads from his pack.

*Score another for the good guys.) Another glorious night was in store.

I snoop Heskal and the glory keeps on coming.


"I'm flattered." I begin, "But you see... I have this family thing I have to take care of. You know... family comes first. Blood is thicker than water. And water only runs downhill. Ya know?"

His eyes begin to well up. (Think fast.)

"It's... It's not the smell is it?" He manages to say inbetween sobs.

"The truth is..." I begin, "--WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!?"


I nab the ring but it's stuck! ("This item has no value to you").

Son of a bitch.

"What is what?" Heskal turns again to face me.

"Erm... what I meant to say is..." I begin, "You know the phrase, 'Everyone looks good in the dark?' Yeah... um... no."

"I don't follow."

"The truth is..." I begin, "--LORD BRITISH!? WHEN DID HE--!?!?!"


I leave Heskal in tears and turn my attention to Archery Online. While he's busy pointing and laughing at Heskal's failed marriage proposal, I take the time to offer my services.

I tickle my fancy once more. But he has something to say...? Am I caught? Am I cornered? I answer with a rhetorical jesture of dumbfoundedness.

Ah... the long lost wedding gifts. No further use. But "waste not" as they say.

Good man.

The endless battle between the valient blues and the murderous reds continues. An ebb and flow, like the seasons of sosaria. Like the conherency of female ramblings.

At times, tough to decipher. Yet others, mysteriously on point. Strange creatures they are.

I begin to scribble in my, "Why don't women say what they mean?" notebook, but a ripe specimen presents herself before me. No need to investigate at a later date. (No time like the present.)

"Miss Marie..." I begin while I snoop through her things...


"I'm really interested in what you have to say." I lie.

"I knew it!" She says in a rush exhileration, "I knew all men weren't the same!"

(I can't believe that worked.)

I calm myself. Reach my arm around her. I fight the urge for my hand to wander downstairs and summon what will power I have left, and force in towards the scroll.

LeStat & Ave-k VII had other plans, but I was in no position to complain. I take the scrolls, while the others were patting themselves on their backs. And I toss her robe to the side and leave her nakedness for the world to see.

Pleased with the results for tonight's excurssion, I retire. Heskal never did stay around long enough (for me to loot him). Yet... maybe it was for the best.

If not tonight, then perhaps another.

I toss today's loot in a chest with all the others and call it a night.

'Til next time!

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