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Episode 055: The only thing to fear... is fear itself.

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Hail friends,

The universe works in mysterious ways. Nothing ever works exactly to plan. There are always little quirks that gum everything up. Some say they like to be able to be in control of their own destiny. I say it makes the world more colorful.

I spot a boat key on the floor of Luna Bank. And in this instance, the universe was not going to make an exception:

Whenever one boat key shows its face, another is sure to follow.

"Kal Ort Por!" I say. But nothing happens.

But knowing this universe as well as I think I do (and I think I do), I head to the most popular of hang-outs of ship's captains -- Brit Gate!


This ship's captain was not going to make it easy. With a dozen people on one side of the gate battling a dozen more on the other, I'd have to choose my next actions wisely.

Does he suspect? He just wouldn't sit still. (Perhaps tracking? No...?)

Off to the front lines he charges in!

And with 1/3 life he charges back! And if I know time as well as I think I do (and I think I do), this dance was going on for what seemed like hours.

But I was in no position to complain! Today, for some unknown reason, my actions were sluggish and slow. If the murderers were ever victorious and actually felled my prey I would be in no condition to loot! (I consider throwing the captain a heal or two.)

Back and forth, around the gate, running around his friends, around the house....

...and down the road. The waltz continues and is beginning to test my patience.

Others rush to the front lines and he finally decides to take a breather! I move in to claim what's mine.

My mind starts dreaming of grand large dragon boats -- talking large dragon boats -- who begins to tell me stories of ship's captains crying themselves to sleep. We laugh, we drink, he touches my leg, I tell him it's inappropriate, my criminal flag fades, "Kal Ort Por!", and I'm off!

An empty hold as usual, on this usual regulation size ship. No matter!

A mighty find none-the-less! And so close to shore too!


I add fish-'s ship to my growing armada! (Now if I could only find a crew.)

I head back to Luna Bank to find these scallywags & misfits... and the universe does a back-flip.

Three more keys at my feet!

I gobble up the keys, run to the 2nd floor, and test my luck!




If 1 dead boat key brought me 1 live boat, then 3 dead boat keys will bring me... uh...

*does math*

...like 12 boats!


Wait a second... If 1 live Chad is running around robbing the world blind, then that means...


...like 3 dead Chads are being robbed from this very second!

*runs off in fear*

(This will require futher investigation.)

'Til next time!

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