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Episode 054: A glorious night in the presence of Baracoon.

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Hail friends,

Finding a quiet corner, trying to answer nature's call, my bodily fluids come to a halt as Spock interrupts my "happy time."

With happy time cut short, I was already in a grumpy mood. But it's at these times that I find the greatest treasure. It's at these times that what little inhibition I have left is shoved back in it's box.

I arrive at the entrance to Fire and can hear the faint echoes of Baracoon's pipe from here! Spock was already on the hunt. Durga of KOS was preparing for battle. I enter the cave and find the ghosts of a swamp dragon & a hiryu just as Spock had said. Tonight was going to be a good night. Better than happy time? It remains to be seen.

As I enter, WtF? was re-grouping the the ledge above to the right and a KOS & GoV alliance is holding the fort. With some carefully timed side-steps and a single shadow jump I move into possition.

Two alliance members block the path. But how to get past?

When Spock bumps a paralyze field, quickly hides, but the two guards jump into action! Just the distraction I needed.

(For the greater good my friend! The greater good!)

With the the guards preoccupied at the bridge (doing a good job at it holding their enemies at bay), I move about the island without worry. Their minds would be unfocused. A little thief would be the least of their worries. (At least that's what they tell themselves.)

But who was the protector? I choose Woo Fe.

I choose incorrectly...

...remain patient, and choose again!

The fallen KOS cross the bridge in need of a rez, and buy me some time. Not much time, but just enough.


As I wait for my criminal status to fade, things get ugly, and they get ugly fast.

The battle rages on around me while Spock scouts the star room as a ghost.

I decide on a more conservative road and escape with my prize through the back door of Deceit.

I bank my prize, but the night was still young! Spock heads back in to claim his well earned gold and I head to Yew Gate exactly where I knew they'd be congratuating themselves on a successfully protected spawn. ^^

What's this?

Deepest Waters of /US\ carries...

...a mighty leafblade!

She watches the ebb & flow of the battle from the safety of the gate guards.

Too many pairs of eyes to attempt a steal of an 8 stone blade. (You'd think a blade made of leaves would weigh a little less. But it's almost as heavy as a 10 stone stool! It's true!)

I wait for her to make a mistake...

...and I don't have to wait long.

No time to celebrate.

I find a quiet corner, release my bladder, and happy time picks up right where I left it.

'Til next time!

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