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Episode 184: The 1 Million Gold Challenge (Part 3 of 7)

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Hail friends,

"How do you put a town of thieves on the map?"

A question that's been boggling my mind. I take a moment to set things right with the public bulletin board population, but get back to work in finding the answer to that question soon after:

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:

I grab a few bagballs from the local provisioner, dye them black and start plopping them down on the roof of the large tower... but I'd be needed much, much more for what I had in mind.

I soon run out and go back for seconds.

I fill my pack with all the bagballs, robes, and cloaks that can fit... Buying the supplies was the easy part. Setting them up was the time consuming part. But watching them do their magic in waste everyone's time...?

The fun part.

It takes much time, but my masterpiece is soon complete.

I head back to Luna one last time and find AEowyn at it again, spreading her lies.

"What's her problem anyway?" I ask aloud.

The puppet theater behind me throws things at me and corrects me, "You fool. Her personal issues are not only understandable, but also very tragic and troubling. You'd have massive amounts of issues too if your guild constantly got stolen from and you were also made to look goofy on a regular basis (in episode form!)."

(A thousand apologies.)


(Where was I?)

I pop through to the Luna Gate, spot a fellow scoundrel named Red, remain hidden, and watch from the shadows. I kid you not. She was still at it on her relentless, misguided crusade to bad mouth me at every turn:

AEowyn: Barter Town
Red: North Minoc?

AEowyn: I delivered a couple dozen the other day.

*squints eyes*

(You son of a bitch.)

Red: Against their ways, maybe.
AEowyn: Very odd I think.
AEowyn: I know it's not because they belong to a mythical thing called the thieves guild.

Red: There is no such thing.

(Good man.)

I've had enough. I break from the shadows and speak only the obvious:

I go up the stairs for more supplies, AEowyn follows and just won't let it go.

AEowyn: *smiles*
Chad Sexington: Yes, I heard you spewing your lies and deceit.
AEowyn: Lies? What lies?

I excuse myself from her odor and pick up the blank books that I came for. I fill them with the clues that I promised in the original public posting and scatter them throughout the death traps in the tower:

The fact of the matter was that my preparations were finally complete. The 3rd floor was a death trap and the 4th floor was all smoke & mirrors. The other fact of another matter was that there was a clue book worth noting... they were just going to be looking in the wrong place.

The others make preparations of their own in their own houses. "All of Barter Town" was going to be made public after all.

Tomorrow was the big day and it was going to start earlier than I expected.

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