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Episode 290: The Great Turkey Massacre

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Hail friends,

Out of all the places in all the land, why do they insist on hunting the noble turkeys here...?

First it was the Misfit Alliance and now, a jester's-hat-wearing AEowyn leads the White Council into our lands.

(Sure, she was alone now, but there'd be more. Just you see.)

(It's their nature.)

First AEowyn and now Hoot and Tal-san-su all arrive.

I put the word out of the impending invasion and just like last time, it looks like it was going to be me and Jareth that are burdened with the task of fighting them off.

I chase Tal-san-su north, curious to find out what was in the mystery bag (just jewels), and Jareth keeps them busy south.

Jareth: I just looted Des.

I finally trip over someone invisible, more and more GIL and CWS show, and even the local JSV rustle up out of the local C8V/JSV castle.

Desdemona Lyre, Sara Dale, Demetrius, and Aislinn all jump in and the game was on.

With the two of us making frequent drop offs at the tower, I still needed to catch up to Jareth's pace.

Contrary to common belief, jester's-hat-protection means nothing the moment you begin slaughtering the noble turkeys.


Everyone was fair game.

lil blue boy: All kill!

Jareth gets away from blue boy's dread pony [JSV].

In an unexpected turn of events, Saint Dismas [O-S] trips over me, Jareth bemoans his murder count, and Nightstalker [O-S] is as horrified as I am at the sight of the deceased turkeys...!

(It looked like we had reinforcements of our own.)

The murderous pixies trail him, right behind.

They have him outnumbered 2 to 1 and I start throwing shurikens liberally.

The White Council starts bringing in the big guns.

But with the turkeys on one side and myself, Jareth, Saint Dismas, and Nightstalker on the other, there was little hope for their survival.

With the chaos snowballing out of their control (and the fight spilling over into North Minoc) and I crack open my spellbook and start flinging mind blast spells at everyone in sight.

The White Council starts going down 1-by-1 (and occasionally 2-by-2).

(What's this?)

(Demetrius with a full corpse... for me?)

With the pixie army keeping everyone else busy, I loot everything.

And then I dig a little deeper.

(Is that... a red bracelet tucked behind that stack of bandages?)


With the White Council soon evaporating and the JSV trapped in their castle, we claim victory!

In total, Jareth and myself looted and/or stole multiple full maps, map fragements, pet balls, bags of sending, jewels, smoke bombs, reagents, hundreds of arrows, and multiple suits of armor -- including a full 100% LRC, MR 12 suit, and a Bracelet of Health.

(No telling what Saint Dismas and Nightstalker took for themselves.)

*high five*

The jester's-hat-wearing, turkey-haters could do nothing but yell turkey related epithets from the earth below.

'Twas glorious.

(Poor turkeys.)

*holds hat in hand*

'Til next time!

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