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Episode 112: Who is HaZe? (Part 2 of 2)

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the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.

The day started out well enough but HaZe's ominous warning still rings in my ear. In my attempt to dodge the vengful wrath of Karma, I return to the site of my latest success on the island of Magincia. I eventually get cocky. I eventually get careless. I eventually leave the island.


I should have known better.

I find Lord Thump of KOS frolicking with Of The Unseen of Slap in the nearby forest.

Nothing but blessed artifacts that laugh back at my innocent face.

The stealth archer and the mage have their fun. I'm soon bored, brave my way back across the docks, and find myself back at the Gate of Yew with a little surprise waiting for me...

Ruface with an uninsured Luna White dyed Talon Bite!

I check his other belongings hoping he's even more careless than he already seems at first glance...

...but I've already pushed my luck as it is.

Now how -- OH HOW -- do I relieve him of his 12 stone axe? Much too heavy to swipe it from his pack (although I had multiple chances). Nay. There must be another way. I grasp my dagger tightly and... find that my poison is not needed.

"I'm waiting." he taunts the locals with his large uninsured axe in hand. Was he such a great swordsman that insurance meant nothing to him? Was his skill with the log chopper equal to the boldness of his words?

Was he all talk and no bite?

Terry Wrist enters the scene.

The axe wielding Ruface in one corner, the grey Terry Wrist in the other, and me ready to take advantage.

And then the inevitable happens.

The opportunity I've been waiting for.

Ruface takes a swipe at Terry, Terry accepts the challenge, and I watch their life closely and prepare myself to land a Death Strike if need be.

They exchange blows, they exchange "lols", Ruface disarms his opponent and gets the upper hand. Things were looking grim. My window of opportunity was shrinking at each passing second. To jump in with nothing but a shuriken and my dagger? Do I let the axe get away?

And the tide turns.

Bleeding and on the run, Ruface gets chased back towards the gate but no good will come of it...

Not for him...

...and not for me.

I should have suspected from the start. Karma pokes her ugly face.

I find myself unable to concentrate.

My fingers are slippery.

Terry lands one final blow, Ruface takes a dirt nap, and I dash in for the corpse. It pops open and in it are bandages and the Talon Bite. I grab the axe and I'm off!


And I change back to human form...!?

I quickly try to change back but Terry is already at my back. I summon mirror image after mirror image but he plows through him. First one hit. Then another. I wasn't getting away this way. I change back and try to land a shadow strike. He makes me bleed. I change back and try to make one last run but my stamina is shot.

There is no escape.

HaZe, the Sexually Confused Man That Enjoys Wearing Pink: "Just remember. Karma always catches up with you."

(How embarrassing.)

'Til next time!

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