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Episode 171: Master of Disguise (Part 3 of 3)

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Hail friends,

Like any good ending, the hero endures. Like any good ending, the hero had a chance to turn back, but didn't. He had a chance to quit because it was "just too hard." And like any good ending, everything before it leads to one innevitable conclusion and yet... you end up with what you least expect.

There was no prize to be had from the cat herding event. And even if there were, we came in 2nd!


It was time to steer things away from the cats and into different territory. I pick up right where I left off.

Oscar: Well, you can get accessed at my place if you like.
Gerard: Sure.
Gerard: But I have to go soon. Maybe another hour.

Patty Pickaxe: We should do dogs and rats next!


I disrobe and make it visibly clear that I'm done.

(It was time to go.)

Oscar, the I-like-to-jump-Chad's-gates guy, tours me around a trio of houses (but only accesses me to two).

We go inside.

But what about Max!

With Max gone and with every intention of Snooping around the rest of his house, Oscar stops me and points me in the opposite direction.

Spree: I want to have a thief event next.

(Doesn't she already know? Every event is a thief event. ^^)

And just like that...


With Gerard in need of a house, this money was to be used for that purpose! I get the grand tour of the finest local plots.

But why would I want to condemn my large tower?

*confused face*

Oscar must be a little confused himself. I pick up the conversation where I left it and where I wanted it!

Fencing Weapons!

Oscar leaves me alone and I entertain myself.

And then my acting skills betray me! Wait! I take that back! I'm not just a defense-less newbie! I don't need GM crafted stuff, I need the finest of gear you hand out to the most well intentioned of guests!


My acting backfires and it's much too late. I roll my eyes and play the part, just a little longer.

He leaves me again to fetch his alter-ego. I'm not hopeful, but I keep my fingers crossed.

(What's this "Chivalry" you speak of?)

(Whatever it is, it sounds a little less evil than I'd like.)

With 30 minutes left and having all of his alter-egos Snooped to my satisfaction (and with access to two of his houses), I bid him farewell.

"You can stay at my place for the night if you like!"

(I might just do that.)

But first, I duck around the corner... and head right back.

(His secondary house first.)

I search floor by floor.

(No dice.)

I move on. But before I step inside the primary house, I do a random sweep just in case. I don't want to trip over somebody hidden.

(That would be rude.)

(All clear.)

First, the middle floor.

And then the roof.

And just when everything was going so well, it all falls apart. With a 150k check in my back pocket and potentially more on the way, I get that surprise ending that I would never wish on my most hated of enemies.

(What's this?)

I public lockdown box?
A vaguely sexual looking whip??
Books written about Female Slaves you say???

I spend the next 2 hours transcribing the first three books. After all, no one would ever believe the horrors I've seen without evidence. And in some ways... neither would I. My attention turns to the two remaining books, but I can take no more. Oscar asked me to give the house placement tool back to him when I was finished (and I'm sooo finished). I leave it on the floor, shut the door behind me, and wipe my hands of this godforsaken place.

"You can stay at my place for the night if you like!"

*squints eyes*

He wanted me to read it. It was public and he knew it.


The 2 hour expiration on my diguise kit had passed long ago and still, this day couldn't end soon enough. I will forever be scarred by today's events... but no sulking for me. I look to the future!

'Til next time!

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