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Episode 243: Just another bank steal.

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Hail friends,

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

(a.k.a. A Day in the Life.)

Contrary to common belief (and contrary to the massive amounts of spin I inject into each of my stories), it's not every day that I'm uncovering books written of female slaves, hosting one million gold Barter Town scavenger hunts, victoriously sailing away from Valentine's Day tournament-hosting-islands, or concluding year long covert operations. A typical day goes something like this:

I die an embarrassing death.

I get cursed at with bad grammer.

I stray from the banks with hurt feelings.

I take something to my liking to heal my fragile ego.

I happily add mediocre treasures to my collection.

And then on some days;

I steal from God while he wears a mighty fine hat.

I get chased by Neo of TnT.

And I remember why I live the life I live.

A black rock needing, no longer spawning, life, mana and karma sapping Cloak of Corruption!

I take the time to allow it to drain my karma as low as it can go and I think it's time for a title change.

(Ah, much better.)

"Stealing while training" was the mission statement when I first set foot on Siege. The truth was that I couldn't hurt a fly even if I tried. My ferret talisman was my best friend and I wouldn't even think of taking out a kryss.

Change is good.

'Til next time!

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