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Episode 268: The Recruits and The Test

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Hail friends,

This adventure begins over one week ago.

A funny man wearing purple shoes introduces me to a funny man wearing an equally funny hat.


That's not it.

Where did they... oh yes, they're back over here.

(My mistake.)

Yes, yes.

I see, I see.

But did he explain...

(I beg to differ!)


*clears throat*

*waits for response*

*observes closely for sincerity, perseverence, and conviction*

Hm... close, but not quite.

He loses points for accuracy, but gains them back with style.

*tugs on face*

(If it's a disguise, it's a good one.)

Ash gets his robe and Jareth and I go through the motions.

I announce my departure... which of course, is a lie.

I shadow him for the next couple minutes, watching his every move. Passing the freely-lootable, guild loot on the 2nd floor, he goes up to the Barter Town Library (learning our secrets).

When he's done, he goes out to the Barter Town Stables to continue his training.

But did he past The Test? We shall see.

(I've got my eyes on you.)


(I have trust issues.)

Flash forward back to today.

Enkil Visigoth: IDOC going to fall.
Enkil Visigoth: Makoto gate. TDO house.

(Aye, another IDOC and it wouldn't be the last.)

I'd go through all the boring details but needless to say, the house never fell, there was loot to be had regardless, and Chronic was not having a good day.

Chronic dies.

We loot and steal.

Tigerdyr attacks Enkil and gets whacked.

We loot and steal.

Chronic dies again.

And then it comes to an end.

Fun was had by all (okay, maybe not by Chronic), but then what we all knew would happen -- happened.

"This structure is like new."

The Gods claimed lordship over this house and in one fell swoop they sapped the fun out of it all. It wasn't going to fall no matter how big the crowd outside became.

And then Chronic says something I wasn't expecting:

"Off to do... castle now."

(Never underestimate a dead man's ability to gloat.)

A castle was falling somewhere and we were going to find it. Chronic and friends would already have a head start and there was little hope of getting anything more than sloppy seconds, but if a castle was falling... it would be a shame to let all the loot go to waste. Mullet checks out the Safehaven Crossroads, Ash volunteers for the Swamps of Trinsic, and I go after the Fields of North Minoc.

--But first there was some business to take care of.

Cheks Miks...?

Another Barter Town Citizen wanting to join our ranks?

(He was shadowing the Makoto IDOC with us. Might as well make it official.)

Yes, yes.

Go on, go on.

I see, I see.

--But wait!


*clears throat*

Accuracy? Check.

Style? Satisfactory.

(Disguise? Possibly.)

And he passed The Test on his first attempt? Suspicious.

*raises eyebrow*

--But no matter!

(The deadliest of missions!)

(The most godforsaken of places to check for castle IDOCs.)

(Here, let me gate.)


But before he steps through... he speaks.


You got me.

Now let me just gate you to the correct location after I tell you how right you are--


(He's gone.)

Drakes and Dragons: RAAAAAAWRRRR!




In the mean time (and in the midst of my screwing around), Grey Mullet and Ash are actually busting their asses doing some real work. Ash comes up empty at the swamps and in spite of North Minoc and the Ice Isle having yet to be surveyed (for some reason), Grey Mullet finds the prize. Cheks finds my gate back "in" and I find Mullet's gate "out."

I'd go through all the boring details but needless to say, the house already fell, there were sloppy seconds scattered everywhere, and for a good fifteen minutes it was just Mullet, Ash, Cheks, and myself left to find the hidden gems.

A few Holiday Timepieces and daily rares here... more invis-items and Practice Weapons there...

And Chronic and friends soon return and claim the castle for themselves.


After a trapped crate explodes, a deadly poisonous shuriken sticks, and a death strike was struck... blood was spilt, fun was had, and Chronic dodges a bullet.

(All but red-lined, Anck-Su-Namun comes to his rescue.)

No one else ever shows. And after gobbling all that could be gobbled... we depart.


All-in-all, a semi-good day with a semi-good haul.

Something was still missing... oh yeah, the robe.

(Ah, much better.)

Both recruits are providing strong arguments... and they may have passed The Test in more ways than one, but the trials have just begun. I bid this both farewell and run off to the local inn... then of course, I hide and stealth right back.

(I have trust issues.)

And thus, THIEF recruitment was temporarily closed until further notice. With this newest batch of recruits, I had finally reached my recruitment quota. Other thieves are sure to follow... and they'll all be turned away. Feelings will be hurt, hearts will be broken, and tears will be shed. But how will I go on? After these newest recruits graduate, how will we all go on without yellow robed men to indirectly murder and humiliate?

Like minded people always ask the tough questions.

I have no answer.

*sad face*

::Later That Night::

*squints eyes*

'Til next time!

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