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Episode 264: The Sky is Falling

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Hail friends,

Where to begin? A weird day. An odd day.

(I have no idea how to organize or structure it so I'm just going to vommit it out to you as it was vommited out to me. I'll skip through the action and you can judge the day for yourself.)

It was a glorious morning and the sky was falling... or so it would seem. Earlier this week, Enkil spotted two collapsing houses: one keep and one castle. And both of them were due to fall down any time this morning. The problem was... only he knew their locations and he was nowhere to be found. I head off to the public boards and find something else to distract us in the mean time:

Public Posting by Troop:
Big IDOC in Gilfane...PvP Action. Come one come all. The idoc is across street from the Gilfane market. Come out and have PvP fun! Hurry!

(Eh? Sounds like a plant, but what's the worst that could happen?)

With Planty McPlanterson (of GIL) already announcing the falling house (in their own town), the good stuff is mostly likely gone... but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. I find Grey Mullet, mulling around and I put the word out to anyone else within shouting distance.

--But first, I needed some supplies.

I empty out the guild's Rainy Day stock of trapped crates and color code them to co-ordinate our attack.

(I decide to go with a pastel pallet for the boxes. Gilfane seemed like a "pastel" kind of town.)

(The plan was simple!)

Out the south gate of Luna, I head straight for the fallen house. At best, this was just an opportunity to rack up a body count. At worst, this was a decoy IDOC designed to lure people away from the real IDOCs. Either way, we only had directions to this party and the others would have to wait.

Troop, faenwen, and a few other IDOC regulars sift through the crap that remains.

I don't waste any time.

(There was nothing here.)

A blue one here, a green one there, and...

Faenwen approaches.


(It wasn't me!)

(I swear!)

People start dropping right and left (with a little friendly fire along the way). After getting the stealther to strip (by force!), the better equip GIL soon show their faces... but they have even less to offer. Explosion trap after poison trap after explosion trap, Jareth soon joins us and we have plenty of time to snoop.


The communal looting continues and...


And while it was satisfying (and hilarious) to watch the fireworks, it wasn't very profitable. Soon it was just us and the corpses rummaging through what was left.

I head home, Mullet goes back, but I was done.

"What just happened?"

I ponder this thought with Jareth back at the tower.

Jareth: ...

Chad Sexington: ...

Jareth: ...

Chad Sexington: ...

Jareth: ...

Enkil Visigoth: Meet in front of the tower. Sending gate. The keep fell.


*dramatically throws IDOC cloak over shoulder*

(I'm off!)

Frustrated (and crateless) I shoo off a lone rat, rummaging through our stuff.

And while there was loot to be had, I can't help but think we're getting sloppy seconds.

Undistrubed and underutilized, we pack up whatever's worth packing and call it a day. All-in-all, lives were lost, tears were shed, and laughs were had. Reports start coming in about the elusive collapsing castle, but by the time we scout it out, we're too late.

I scavenge through the loot and find some prizes to be had after all. Most noteably, nearly 150 charages of invisibility.

The others made out with 1500-2000 of each reg, deco arties, and even more invisibility.

--But the day wasn't over yet. While we're all in our homes, resting our feet, going through our own loot... enter Cheks Miks.

(Another proud Barter Town Citizen!)

While wearing a very fine cloak, I admire his very fine hat, but I had to keep the conversation short.

(There was-a-sortin' that must be done!)

In total, the loot included:
  • 200 Charges of Invisibility
  • 1500-2000 of Each Reagent
  • Bag Full of SOSs and Special Fishing Nets
  • Old School Daily Rares

I have no idea.

(I'm so confused.)

'Til next time!

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