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Episode 204: Stealing with a smile on their faces.

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Hail friends,

(What's this?)

Tyrst Bellitor of TnT and Keldon of MYTH.

(I like when they give me directions.)

To Umbra!

But what were they up to?

A dastardly plan to strike at the heart of the K0C home base? A maniacal scheme to upset the JSV strangle hold on the Greater Dragon market?? A cookie bake sale to out shine every other cookie bake sale GIL has ever held???

"Vas Ort Flam!" Keldon shouts.

The two just start going at it. No dastardly plans, maniacal schemes or cookie bake sales in sight.

I watch from the side-lines.

We were still within guard zones, but if I know the TnT & MYTH alliance (and I think I do), they'd give me just the opportunity I needed.

Tyrst goes down and I'm just itching to go for it.

*pumps fist at guards*

I track for intruders and only find us three. Tyrst's ghost goes up, Keldon stands still, and I take a closer look.

Nothing but a (blessed) Clothing Bless Deed.

And just like I knew they would, they let their guards down.

(They put way too much faith in the town guards.)

"Chaos." Keldon says.

He waits and I wait.

Keldon goes up to fetch his lost dead friend. I pop open the corpse and quickly hide, just in time to escape detection.

A throw-a-way tunic.

And a decent warrior's ring.

(Now we're getting somewhere.)

I snoop around while they're still fiddling around with their runes. Keldon opens a second gate, Tyrst jumps through, and to my surprise...

Keldon follows...!

I waste little time!

"So many steps to walk to the alter." I tell myself as I go for the jewels first.
"So many seconds to agree to be resurrected." I tell myself as I go for the weapons next.
"So many greater heals after a rez, just out of habbit." I tell myself as I grab random pieces of armor next.

There was more left, as I step back and hide.

I wait.

The gate closes.

*happy face*

I take the rest and they finally return to find Tyrst's body dry looted!

"Who would do such a thing!?"

Back at the bank, they re-group... and re-arm.

"Again?" Keldon asks.
"Sure." Tyrst responds.
"Horray!" Chad thinks.

(Ah, a nice skill ring... but it'll have to wait.)

Round two begins, they head south, and a blue gate opens.




(And what's with the Clothing Bless Deeds...?)

Again, a gate to chaos opens. Again, Keldon and Tyrst go through. But this time, Abel is there to guard the body from potential extremely handsome looters.

They must have sensed by handsome musk in the wind.

(It's so hard to cover up sometimes.)

But then how will I loot?

*foiled again*


I already had one body's worth of loot safely tucked away. With a third man on watch every time, when they already knew an extremely handsome looter was watching, there was no way I'd get away with it a second time...

--Unless I show them the looter, bid them farewell, walked away, went into hiding, and marched right back.

(Their guards were up and just like that... their guards were back down.)

(They continue beating each other to death and this time I stay down wind.)

Keldon goes down and this time there was no gate to chaos.


It looks like they get the best of me after all. I turn to leave (and this time for good), but there was still one treasure left and with no one else around to steal it, it would remain safely in their pockets!

(And we can't let that happen.)

But how -- OH HOW -- to take and steal and lie and cheat? What could I possibly use to distract them?



(I have an idea.)


Keldon: It depends, how much?

"800k??" I think to myself and decline the offer.

(Now who's the thief, I ask you?)

I smile, they smile, and I bid them farewell.

I don't bother hiding. ^^

'Til next time!

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