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Episode 203: Slaying wyrms can be hazardous to your health.

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Hail friends,

I roll out of bed, check the public boards, and find an odd side-note:

Public Posting by Draconi_EA, UO Lead Designer:
As of today on Siege:

* The vendor for Monk's Robes has been restored to the Yew winery
* You should be able to fish up pearls for Elwood's quest from the lake in Ocllo

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?


(Patience, my impatient friend!)

For now, let's go to the bank. This adventure is kind of all over the place... and it's just beginning.

Sinyaka and a (blessed) dragon slaying war fork.

I take a closer look.

Skinning knife? Check.

Random, useless bits of loot? Check.

Dragon slaying weapon? Double check.


Ah, the caverns must be busy! How long has she been hunting there? Did she bring any friends?? Are they still there??? Are their pockets over-flowing with glorious, glorious loot????

(Too many questions and only one way to find out.)

First, I'd need some supplies.

Secondly, I'd have to make my way out of Luna before spotting a Bow of the Juka King ready for the taking.


Shamrock of Wood.

(He should really check his pack contents after publicly shuffling bows in and out of his bank box.)

He was still in guard zone. He was standing still, but he wouldn't be for long. And worst of all, there were other thieves hovering about and they may get their grubby hands on it before I do...!

It's decided then!

I flip off the Luna town guards, yoink the 6 stone bow (with only 93 stealing), hold my breath, walk away casually, and find myself blue to the auto-guard-calling-npc-population!


Another grab and another sign for things to come. A dragon slayer, now a reptile slayer.

First, I need to stash my loot.

Secondly, I'd have to stable Max Jr before I departed.

(Max Jr. wasn't invited, but he provided a good conversational piece. ^^)

(What's this?)

I go up and around and he runs off.

I go down and figure out why.

But today's adventure didn't involve them!

(Besides, it looks like Saint Dismas was keeping them company and already relieving them of their shineys.)

Back at the bank, itching to finally depart, Shamrock stands alone with a bow-less pack.


The non-THIEF thieves (and Shamrock) congregate at the bank and ponder future evil plans:

Red: Who wants to do a Despise run?
Shamrock: I do.
Red: KK, I'll gate.
Red: Sweeney, come.

(Another Destard detour?)


(If you insist.)

With Shamrock and possibly many of his treasure carrying buddies on the way, it was hard to resist. I pass on Red's gate and pull a fast one. Back at Barter Town, I find my own way.


No Red, no Sweeney, no Shamrock, and none of his treasure carrying buddies.

(Note to self: Shamrock lies.)

But I've delayed it long enough. No more Juka-Bow-carrying-suckers. No more shiney-having-Luna-regulars. No more Despise runs and liars!

No more!

I circle around the alter, over the ridge to the north, skip the sparkles to the left, take the sparkles to the right, find myself at this adventure's grand finale, and am presented with a new challenge.

(The best kind!)


And KingExador!

(Wearing a brand new Monk's Robe.)

A 10 stone Bovine Slaying war cleaver (just a little too heavy) and not much else. Some gold, some barbed leather, and a few other knick-knacks.

I do a double-take and his armor... or lack-there-of. Up and down, back and forth, KingExador and MrPhelps lay waste to all of the surrounding dragons... all the while side-stepping my innocent looking crate!


With KingExador tracked (with my newly grandmaster'd Tracking Skills), he heads east, away from the dragon spawn.


First they dispatch a trailing dragon and then they make short work of the water elementals.

I snoop again... and still fail to spot any 10th anniversary items.

I've seen enough.

I equip my kryss, ready a death strike, and grab my fukiya. Dragon or not, he was going down. I get into position, MrPhelps stands still, and KingExador goes into hiding again.

I wait.

And wait.


Something was wrong.

I track him again, and find him stealthing off to the left.

(What are you up to?)

I spot some leather and then I spot a bag.


Even with no trace of intruders around him, KingExador takes extra care and is meticulous in trying not to give anything away. Even with no others around, he tells his dragon to stay while he goes for his stash. Unfortunately for him, I see right through his tricks.


Unfortunately for me, he never returns, he never becomes visible, the bag filled with his loot is gone, and MrPhelps soon disappears!





I wait a few moments, double check his stash that is no longer there, and go home.

An hour later, I return.

Now in the deeper levels of this cave, I spot a newly slayed shadow wrym. It's body was cold. I track and find no one.

Was it Sinyaka? Shamrock?? Or any of the other dragon haters???

I move south and find another.

(Getting warmer.)

Ah, KingExador, it's been too long my friend!

And just like that.


KingExador gets face-planted by the Shadow Wyrm, MrPhelps keeps the wyrm busy, and I go in for the well deserved loot!

I get the Bovine Slayer that I wanted and take the gold, regs, and Monk's Robe. I leave the leather and scissors. (I wouldn't want him to stop what he's doing, now would I?)

I'm about to leave when I look around one more time.

(And it's a good thing I did.)

There in the corner, behind some stalagmites, dyed a color to match the ground, a 326 stone bag.

I dive in and MrPhelps watches my back.

Over 8000 gold pieces, nearly 400 enhanced bandages, a few treasures, scrolls, some dragon scales and a suspicious looking rune marked "SP Supplies." I take everything I can before I max out my weight and leave the rest. A profitable day indeed! But before I go, there's one loose end I need to tie up.

"Vas Rel Por!" I say and target the funny looking rune.

Hm? Britain?

(Unusually close to Britain...?)

I find myself in front of a very tiny shop with an ocean view and within shouting distance from Britain's east bank!

I check the public boards one more time:

Draconi_EA, UO Lead Designer:
Publish 55 shipped with a bug that dropped guard zones in towns across Britannia.

This also dropped restrictions on placing houses, and several reports have come in of people placing new houses within towns. We have since published an update to fix the town zones.

Our stance on whether these houses will be allowed to remain is an unequivocal "No." If you placed a house in a guard zone, you should remove it immediately before we remove it for you.

Ah, 'twas a nice location. It's too bad they'll never let him keep it. KingExador was not having a good day.


No matter! I claim victory this day and I have proof!

'Til next time!

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