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Episode 205: EM Alcor (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

It's been a long time since I've walked these lands... but something caught my attention:

Public Posting by Mesanna, UO Associate Development Manager:
I would like to introduce to everyone your new Event Moderators:
EM Alcor - Siege
Q: I was wondering, where can I meet the Event Moderator assigned to my shard?'
A: Please check the Britan Counselor Guild Halls in Trammel to see if they are available to meet you!

*takes out Map of Britain*

*cracks knuckles*


Winter already. (So I have been away for a long time after all.)


A south facing wooden box precariously lying on the side of the road...?

*attempts to track for hidden (and cunning and handsome!) people*




I take the box with me, crack it open at the local healers, and brace myself.



I hide my disappointment, add the box's contents to my own, and continue on to the Counselor's Hall. EM Alcar was new to these parts and I'll be damned if she (?) didn't get the proper greeting. (Preferrably involving poison, explosions, and me asking for her robe.)

The hall was empty, but I wasn't alone.

And so I sit... and wait.



(Screw it. I'm bored.)

I leave the hall and just one building away it would seem that I wasn't alone after all!

I wait a moment to see if any of his friends show up. I wait to see if he's open the barn doors for me.

(I wait no longer.)


Lord Vex: Hi
Lord Vex: stable
Lord Vex: claim list

Lord Vex calls a magical gate...

...and leaves his dragon behind.

I trick? A trap?

Normally, I have very little regard for my own mortality.

"There will be blood!" as I always say.

But this wasn't what I came here for this day. (And besides, Lord Vex didn't have anything else on him.) Still, I take advantage of the big lizard that was left behind, count on Lord Vex returning to fetch his pet, and am hoping I'll have just enough time to make a quick drop at Brit Bank.

I spot a few straglers with nothing of interest. I drop off the staff and quickly return... but I'm not so lucky.

Lord Vex never returns, his Minax buddies never show, and his big, red lizard vanishes into thin air. I shrug my shoulders and plod along to the next Counselor's Hall.

...And this one was even more empty than the last.


I pick up a book and give EM Alcar a piece of my mind:

'Til next time!

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