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Episode 041: Powerful Peacer vs. Chad Sexington

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Hail friends,

In the mood to get into some trouble, I recall to the entrance of Fire and I meet my new best friend.

Powerful Peacer...?

And a backpack full of books!

Sleeping? It's hard to tell, but I know one way to find out.

(I get in close.)

My fingers are itching for some action. I reach in a grab the first book.


Not a sound.


I help myself and go in for seconds.

Still, she doesn't notice.

Was it a trap? Or just blind luck? Whatever it was, there wasn't any point in stopping now.

I continue my plunder.

(A third.)

Paranoia begins to creep up on me.

This was a hot spot. It was a crossroads for all kinds of destinations. I quicken my pace and she finally awakes.

"How's it goin' bro?"

"Nothing, just robbing you blind as we speak." I dare not say aloud. And yet the game has taken an interesting turn. I don't panic. Instead, I copy her speech pattern (local slang) in an attempt to keep her talking.

(There were many more books to be had.)

Chad Sexington: Yo.

And she opens a trade window and hands me some gold...?

"Peace offering."

(I thank thee.)

"As long as you don't steal from me."


He keeps talking, I keep listening, and my fingers are working overtime. I scratch my head as something begins to nag at my brain. Whatever's left of my conscience keeps yapping. I choke it, throw it back in its cell and tell it (once more) not to bother me when I'm thinking.

(That'll teach'em.)

(Now where was I.)

I take a fifth book and... she springs into action!

"Never worry about me."

(It's far too late for that, my friend.)

The conversation comes to a screeching halt. At a safe distance she shuffles the sixth (and last) book to the side. She looks behind it and finds nothing. She drops it, shoves it to the side and again, she finds nothing.

(The game is up!)

I throw up my hands, take a bow, and bid my new best friend farewell.

I recall home and add these new additions to my ever growing library.

It raises up like an over-compensating phallic symbol.

(It's glorious.)

Round 1: Chad Sexington

'Til next time!

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