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Episode 028: Fun with House Looting (Part II)

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Hail friends,

Ah, this man's glowing words of encouragement are not meant for me. Good to know others are still fighting the good fight.

I step out from the shelter of the walls of Luna and sense something odd in the air. The birds were chirping and the flowers were...



The snow was melting! The bears would awaken from their hibernation at any minute! I grab what I can and waste no time. I can almost see the moment when the light penetrates the eyes on their very cute faces once again. "Hump me." their eyes would say.

So cute.

But I know better than to be fooled. Starving through the long, cold, winter they would be as hungry as ever. Hungry and weak. A dangerous combination, but I would take my chances.

It wouldn't be long before my curiosity would set me on a different path. The bears and their humping ways would have to wait.

What's this?

An unlocked door? For me?

You shouldn't have. ^^

I crack my knuckles and get to work. I methodically check the kegs and containers from the back to the front, around the table, finish with the first floor, and move on to the next.

I check the chests from right to left, one by one until...


I couldn't believe my eyes! An entire suit of lower reagent cost bone armor. Powerful armor indeed. Sadly I had nothing to give him in return. I decide to leave him a message instead.

It seems a message has already been left. I attempt to decipher the foreign dialect but fail. I assume it says:

"I hath thoughtfully left thine suit of magical bone armor for any weary traveller in need of thine protection against thy evils of this land. Rest your body in my bed for the night and help yourself to some wine & cheese...

...plus, I sleep naked."

As tempting as that may have seemed, I leave him a message of thanks and go about my business.

I've lost my way.

The bear fort is no where to be found.

I finish the last of the funny smelling cheese, arrive at Dilli's and Pack's Place, and immediately shoot it out my nose.

Every single container on the house steps were overflowing with magical talismen. My knees become weak as I mess myself.

My wolf paws fumble around the bags, backpacks, and chests. This was not a one man job. What of my original goal this night?

All the hump-able bears in the world could not pull me away.

KOONTA arrives and immediately messes himself.

I look at him with scorn and dissapointment.

He points at my robes with a confused look about his face.

I tell him I have a condition.

He appologizes, I accept, and we get to work.

The last crate was filled with candlesticks and a single key. I contimplate looting Dilli and Pack dry, but that would be rude.

I instead decide to take the key, lock the chest, and hold the key for ransom. If they ever want to see their precious candlesticks again they'll have to pay me one million gold pieces.


We finally gather the 400+ talismen and store them away for safe keeping.

In my excitement I grow troubled. With the generous sosarians donating goods everyday, there must be a way to repay (exploit) them...? Then it hits me.

It was so painfully obvious. I'm embarassed to say the thought did not come sooner.

The only logical course of action...

The Petting Zoo is already complete -- already populated with very cute animals.

(The gift shop still needs some work.)

'Til next time!

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