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Episode 145: Confessions of an Angry Miner (Part 2 of 2)

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Why didn't the guards come? How could be so inhumanly strong as to take on me and my four timber wolves at the same time!? Too many questions. I decided to sleep it off and begin anew the following day.

My slumber is broken from the sunlight piercing through the window. It's high noon. I've overslept.

No matter. The timber wolves won't tame themselves. I gather four more of my four-legged friends to make ready for another exciting day in mining. I approach the light crowd at the bank when a stranger comes running from the east -- east towards the mines.


Five people drop what they're doing, stash away whatever they can, pick up whatever's available and rush to the mines to rid the town of one more pesk. And you can bet I was one of them. Only one in our group seemed to be any sort of accomplished warrior. It was a mottly group, but it would do. We entered the cave and there he was. Not the one that faced me yesterday but another. Like I said, it would do.

Now maybe it was fear of death or unearned strength from being in a group, but none in the group would take that first aggressive action. I tell my puppies to attack and I go in with everything I had. I was in trouble. Luckily for me the four others finally gathered enough courage and began their attack. And what an embarassing attack it was.

We were hitting nothing but air, while we would take turns backing out of danger to heal then jumping back in. But after a while, the murderer was finally sensing danger and made it out the front of the cave as we gave chace. Back and forth he gave us quite a struggle. Amidst the chaos I couldn't tell if it was my blade or anothers, but he finally went down.

Victory! We celebrated our triumphant victory! After looting his corpse dry and exchanging kind words I make my way back to the bank. The murderer already resurrected and is blue again. I pretend to not notice him and he does the same to me as he talks to his friend,

"I was killed by miners."


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