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Episode 144: Confessions of an Angry Miner (Part 1 of 2)

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**Note: This took place during my first month of playing UO.

Once upon a time in the small hamlet of Minoc, things were not what they seemed. One of the easiest ways to earn gold as a new adventurer was physical labor in the mines. So... I did my daily routine of taming four Timber Wolves to accompany me during my daily chores. I gather my four legged friends and the five of us meet my other two legged friends already hard at work in the mines.

There were a few other people in the mine... but that was not unusual. They either keep to themselves, or greet you with a friendly "hail" and light conversation. Then, another man enters. And this one is carrying a kryss. He doesn't say a word, but stops in front of me in his fighting stance, thinking two steps ahead no doubt. Even though my companions have no fighting skills, I don't fear him as I order my four puppies guard me and go straight for his ankles at the slightest inclination of aggression.

...also the town guards were 20 steps away.

To my surprise he strikes with his kryss, but not at me, at one of my puppies! Myself and the other three dogs are frozen in bewilderment. The lone puppy puts up a good fight, but is shortly taken down. The attacker was now grey as I order the rest to move in for the kill! With another surprize move, he does not defend himself against the wolves but goes straight for me. Bleeding from the hip, I run as fast as I can to guard zone.

"GUARDS!" I scream.

They do not come to my rescue.

I attempt to run across the bridge, but my attacker lands a killing stroke, and the life slips away from my body.

(To be continued.)

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