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Episode 163: The Pawn Shop

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Hail friends,

And things were going so well...

They say that I've recently hit a dry spell and it wasn't going to end anytime soon. "I create my own luck!" I tell them while pumping my fist like I've never fist pumped before.

*rolls up sleeves*

With my insatiable apetite for gold and all things evil (and with a few dastardly plans still up my sleeve), I decide to put my newly aquired piece of real estate to good use... and put my luck to the test.

Public Posting by Chad Sexington:
Selling some things:

Cursed Staff of the Magi 150k
Ecru Citrines @ 40k per
115 Spellweaving 75k
Some FC/FCR jewels.

Few other things. Not much. For future reference, go here to buy back your things.

As the famous saying goes, "A trap designed for suckers is only as good as its sucker-worthy bait."

(Look it up.)




I have just the thing:


The plan was simple:

Get into position and wait for them to come to me.

(I didn't have to wait long before my first customer arrives.)


He stops two steps away. I get ready to get into position to check his pockets. When suddenly--

"An Lore Xen!"

(He's smarter than he looks.)

He stops.

He buys.

He leaves.

I sit and play the waiting game again.




What if Chardonnay isn't the only one getting the upper hand on me today? What if there are people disrespecting me even as I speak!?

(Like a overtly paranoid, two-faced shop owner, I check for assholes.)

--And I find one!



A member of my own guild!

An hour passes and no others come.

But before the day is done, I amass my own personal mini-fortune:

I've only been here a few weeks and I intend to put this dishonest money to dishonest uses and continue my dishonest ways!

What went wrong?

I must be using the wrong bait. This is something I'll have to remedy (by force!). The flood gates were open and the Pawn Shop was ready. I just need to keep this to myself. I just need to keep this secret. It's a good thing there's no possible way the general public will ever know of my past Pawn Shop failures and my future Pawn Shop plans! I'm fortunate enough that these adventures, complete with my day-to-day plotting & scheming, isn't written down anywhere for future suckers to study and read (in episode form!).

*happy face*


And the dry spell?


(I'll show them.)

'Til next time!

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