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Episode 048: The frailties of men in the City of Compassion.

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Hail friends,

The zealots of Compassion guard their precious shrine.

I scour the countryside for future play-mates but they've (obviously) been invited to nap-time without me!

Ah, another who's been left out of the festivities. I better make sure she's ok. It looks like she could use a friend. ^^

I check the front gate.

It opens.

I find Millie sobing herself to sleep in the corner of the glorious manor.

I check the front door.

It opens.

I comfort her, "There, there..." I tell her while I put my arms around her and accidentally check her pockets in the process...

...but all I find are various trinkets some barely worth mentioning, but others very valuable indeed! How could she? She's just a wee lass. How does she come across treasure such as these? Others must help her in her journies. These must be... presents from nobles...?

That's it!

I've underestimated the fair one before me! I've heard of these women, these sirens, these wenches with powers of the flesh! They say no man can resist they allure. They say no man can withstand the temptation!

(No wonder my crotch was tingling.)

(I must learn her secrets.)

I dig further in her pack.

I spot something that piques my interest.

A very fine set of robes! Silks from the far east, a rarity among rarities. They had to be mine.

I lick my lips and prepare my blade. The plan was simple:

Steal the Pixie picture to keep as a momento if things go horribly, horribly, wrong... then make the young lass kiss dirt.

Millie pops to life and does not ban me. She must not be the owner! She fumbles with the door knob while tries to wipe the tears from her face, she finally gets it open while I land one death strike. Then another.

In the courtyard she stumbles again from pain of the venomous liquid. I give chase and stab her not once, not twice, but five times in the back.

Limping with her throat swelling up she swing open the front gate, but I block the path. She finally drops.

Loot her regs, loot her jewelry, loot her silk dress, and leave the rest as the town alarm begins to sing.

The reinforcements arrive. Valiently they chargge in, but about three moments too late I'm afraid.

I begin to stealth away, but the silk dress brushes against my leg. (Smooth?)


That's her secret! Not her (mediocre) beauty, but the dress that makes men act like idiots. It's the dress that makes men give up their possessions in the hopes of a moment of her attention.

With this dress, everyone will want to hump me.


I quickly put on my disguise. (I feel sexier already.)

I return to Millie to tell her to the good news.

But decide not to interrupt their make-out session.

Where to go? What to do? No point being coy. To despise I would test my new found powers. Into the heart of the beast I go.

Arrive and I'm in luck. A pair of lovers already working the spawn.

I decide the star room would the best place to show some skin and dazzle them with my sexy.

Czar was the first whom I would test my powers.

We make eye contact. I pretend to drop some regs and bend over.

I must not have done it right, because he wasn't ammused.

I hop the gate, but am not discouraged. That was just a trial run. If I couldn't dazzle them from the back door, and go through the front. I quickly recall and prepare to meet them head on.

I find the bridge without fields and make my move.

I un-button my tunic, mash my boobs together, and show Stephanie some cleavage.

It works.

(She must have a thing for the ladies.)


Two shiney new power scrolls and all it cost me was my dignity & self-respect! (Small price.)

I run to brit gate to flaunt my sexy self and make all other lady loving women tremble in awe.

(Mission accomplished.)

'Til next time!

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