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Episode 229: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 1 of 12)

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Hail friends,

The following is the longest steal I've ever attempted and it begins with a re-telling of Episode 157.

Our story begins exactly 1 year, 2 months, and 12 days ago as our hero wakes up from his slumber. Innocently, he heads out to the Gate of Trinsic at dawn, hoping to get lucky. Let's take a strole down memory lane and this time... let's not skimp out on the juicy details.

It was early, they were busy, and I was right on time. It was my first week on Siege Perilous and it would be my first of many encounters with Gilfane. It was dawn and I pop out of the Trinsic gate, not looking for anything in particular.

And I find (the bonded) artful dodger there to greet me.

I track for any surprise guests and I find none. I dismiss the dragon and am about to leave, when company soon comes calling.

Izabo (and friends)!

I guess they had (somewhat less evil) early morning plans of their own!

becca pops out with a horde minion not far behind and she provides us (all) with transportation to what would be my new favorite destination.


I wait to make sure there are no more surprise visitors trailing behind... and I go.


(Just as I suspected.)

Back from a hunt, there were 7 GIL and 3 greater dragons and... it looked like the hunt was successful. (Let's just hope my hunt goes as well as theirs.)

*crosses fingers*

They begin dropping power scrolls on the ground, followed by some dice. They were rolling for the scrolls and I wanted my turn.

105 Ninjitsu
110 Swordsmanship
110 Evaluate Intelligence



I help myself to the spoils.


A few of them begin running in circles. I don't know if they're searching for me or if they're playing some type of erotic game involving greater dragons and hiding scrolls in odd (and smelly!) places.

I discretely bank my scroll. (We are standing on a bank after all.) I consider breaking my silence but instead, I let it play out. They head for the teleporter and so do I. They're transported to the ground floor below and so am I.

They can no longer get back to the roof without a marked rune and no longer can I.

--wait. What?


(You stupid son of a bitch.)

In a panic (and runeless), I search for them at the champion spawn of Despise and even re-trace my steps at the Trinsic gate. I hope to catch them in the act and get another free ride to their secret power scroll distribution location, but... I go home empty handed.

I don't claim victory and I'm too ashamed to even think about anything else. I look at my skill set again and I wouldn't have been able to mark a rune even if I wanted to -- but I should have. I was still brand new on Siege Perilous and left my training in magery for last. I didn't anticipate the need for it because being so new, what were the chances?

I screwed up big time.

...and it would be another 6 months before I'd be able to make up for the mistakes I made this day.

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