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Episode 252: Someone Else's Shoes

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Hail friends,

With Enkil and Mullet up to no good on the other side of the world, I roam the borders of Barter Town on my own and meet today's entertainment.

Freddy was a simple man.

A man of few wants and desires (and even fewer possessions).

A simple man wearing simple armor, apparently in need of more armor.

(What luck! It seems we have something in common after all!)

Freddy leads the way, south towards the moongate.

"To the armor!" I silently point to the sky!

Like a bloodhound leading his master, he sniffs out the path.

Like a man on a mission, he leaves no stone un-turned.

(And like a wingman watching out for his bar buddy, he sees through the beer goggles and the ugly ones never take advantage.)

(Good man.)

From Minoc, past the moongate, and now at Vesper, I wait with him at the bank for his armor-carrying-friends... but they never come. I watch his backpack closely... but it never gets filled.

(Two can play.)

I set the trap.

"What's this?"

"Maybe I should put my valuables in my bank box before I open suspicious looking crates."


"Wait... I don't have any valuables."


I track Freddy's embarrassing ghost to northeast and loot my new suit of armor!

(It looks like there was armor to be had after all!)

But I wasn't done yet... and his armor carrying (and angry) friends may yet make an appearance.

*crosses fingers*

North across the bridge or east farther into the city's harbor?

I hit the shoreline to the east and track him beyond my reach.

(I chose the wrong path.)

After a quick U-turn my tracking soon fades and I'm left chasing invisible foot prints in the grass.

I'm left with only one question on the brain:

"If I were Freddy, where would I go?"


I strap on my new armor (and put on a new face) to get into the proper mindset.

I retrace his steps from Minoc to the moongate to Vesper and then out to the fields. I retrace them again and again, but Freddy and his armor-carrying-buddies never show. In desperation for any kind of human contact I head to Luna.

*being perfectly rested, you shove something invisible out of the way!*

(Just Nightstalker... in my pockets...!?)


(Maybe inside...)


Who does he think I am?

Noblemen may call me 'Merlin' and random serfs may call me 'Mr. Merlin', but you may call me "Your Eminance."

(...and my passionate lovers call me Mrs. Arthur.)

Gotcha: Working skills?
Gotcha: You should train Stealth.

(Tell me more about this "stealth" you speak of...?)


(Maybe downstairs...)

I sure do...!

*waits patiently*

*Gotcha is attacking you!*


Freddy... you live a strange, strange life.

I guess Freddy had armor-carrying-friends after all!


And with Freddy's shoes finally filled, I gladly jump out of his and hop back into mine.

Gotcha ressurrects, Enkil finally arrives (after doing... whatever else he was doing), and the plot finally moves forward.

The seed is planted and Enkil picks up where I left off.

*waits for any takers*

(We have a winner!)

Enkil Visigoth: Barter Town
Enkil Visigoth: Want a gate?
Gotcha: Yes plz.

I'm barely around the corner and...


I take my barely-runic katanas and mempos and call it a day.

Weird day.

'Til next time!

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