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Episode 251: Tough Negotiations

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Hail friends,

Not every days are good days, but the trick is to make the most out what's available to you at the time.

With the lag monster out in full force I had no choice but to entertain myself in... less subtle ways. The name of today's game was naked, ferret-form stealing. I strip down to my birthday suit and swap out my skill in magery for detect hidden. Armed with nothing but my fun box, I use my keenly tuned sense of nooby tracking and detection to find my first victim.



From a corner in the bank's southern wall, I track him to north. A few weapons (boo!), some armor (boo!), and some egg bombs (yay!). If I were to play the naked, ferret-form stealing game correctly, I'd have to play by the rules:

Rule #1: The only tools you have available are items you've stolen that day.

(a.k.a. At worst, you break even.)

And if I wanted to make anything this day, first I'd need the tools. I take the first 1 stone bomb and then the second. I reach for the third and--

Shadowrunner hides and I wait.

(My criminal body would be too tempting a target.)

I wait and wait and he shows.

"Should I open it or should I not?"





(I wait and I'm betting he's not so smart.)


The explosion was small and his leather was tough; his health only dips half way.

(I wait as he searches the contents of the crate.)

(I wait and I'm betting he's even less smart than you're giving him credit for.)


A second explosion.

(I was right.)

My criminal flag falls, Shadowrunner goes for the moongate and I go for the healer.

I head back up the stairs and the moongate spits out Soulace in Shadowrunner's place. Against a mounted opponent, Soulace easily wins the race.

Soulace gloats and I snoop.

A few meager bows (boo!), a fletcher's repair deed (boo!), and a barrel with a table inside (boo!).

He had my box, I had her pride, and the negotiations begin.

She high balls me with a million gold price tag.

(She's good.)

We both knew "1 million gold" wasn't the price we'd settle on, but I needed something of equal value to see this through. After all, a box of a thousand laughs is hard to come by.

(Its sentimental value was worth its weight in screenshots.)

But what could I possibly offer in return...?


*eyeballs Diablo*

Chad Sexington: Tell you what.
Chad Sexington: I'll trade you Diablo's pet ball for the box...!

The fool! If Soulace only knew how plentiful Diablo's treasures were in my pockets.

(I have screenshots!)

Soulace, a worthy adversary at the negotiating table indeed.

I wait a few moments, we exchange farewells, and go home...

...and then of course, I hide and stealth right back.




The lag monster (and his neon claws) soon loosens its grip and further naked adventures would have to wait.

(The treasures of the world won't steal themselves...!)

'Til next time!

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