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Episode 250: Enkil Visigoth vs. Chad Sexington

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Hail friends,

Enkil just finished placing his brand new, mighty fine, Barter Town Villa... and things would soon take a turn for the worst.

(As with everything in Barter Town, nothing is what it seems.)

Chad Sexington: Up north?
Enkil Visigoth: Ya.
Enkil Visigoth: Dude.
Enkil Visigoth: Nature's Fury is awesome!



(An idea.)

With his villa newly placed and his mind wandering elsewhere, we begin our dual conversation. His conversation was of excitement and mine was of practical matters. He wanted to experiement with his new skills and I wanted to help him redecorate. Whatever it was I had to say, I'm sure he'd go along with it -- just so he could get back to his training.

The stage was set and I had an idea.

The plan was simple:

I would deliberately start slow and increase the tempo as the back-and-forth continued. First, I'd let him start with the Nature's Furies and then I'd pull him back in with the furniture.

(I'm betting he would be too distracted to ever see it coming.)

(Let's begin.)

(The most important ingrediant!)

I start off with some leftover tables to butter him up.

--But he's had enough of me.

He switches gears and ignores my furniture centric enthusiasm.

He runs off, but he'd be back. This gives me just enough time to dig into my old IDOC loot. (Ah, these metal paragon chests would do nicely. The same metal chests I picked up from my first Siege IDOC, so long ago)

(I knew this stuff would come in handy.)

Enkil Visigoth: I got it!

(I keep the love coming.)

And as always, the best lies are half-truths. There were pentagrams and other house add-ons looted from the castle IDOC and I knew exactly where they were. If fact, I was standing on a container that had one of them and the rest were in a secure chest on top of the BOD books behind him.

I "continue looking" and he flips back into quest mode.

After experimenting with his new Nature's Furies he returns and it was finally time to spring the trap.

(Let's do this...!)

Chad Sexington: I found it.

He steps forward. I wait.

...And wait.

"This top box?"


(Something's wrong.)

"Didn't work."

"No explosion."

*squints eyes*

Enkil Visigoth: lol
Chad Sexington: ...
Enkil Visigoth: Some of your traps are botched.

He waits. I wait.

Now this is an interesting moment: I had either played him perfectly and just mis-remembered which boxes were trapped and which ones weren't... or our roles had just flipped. This is very disturbing. I may not be as slick as I think I am, my buttering up process may not have worked as well as I think it did, and he may never have even opened the crate.

"Didn't work," he says. "No explosion," he taunts.

"Open the trapped crate and see for yourself, fucker." He dare not say aloud if he wants me to fall for my own trap (as he makes ready his own embarrassing screenshots of me, no doubt).

*squints eyes*

(I'm on to you.)

He waits. I wait. And I never open the crate.

I take note of his unnecessary mental language, take a seat, and successfully dodge his wild swings.

We have a good laugh... but were his laughs fake or were mine?

(It's so hard to keep these things straight sometimes.)

He leaves. I leave.

And I wait until much later that night before I get the answers to this latest puzzle.

*holds breath*

*squinches eyes*

*clenches butt cheeks*

*pops open crate*

(Didn't work. No explosion.)

Round 1: Draw

(I had you and you know it... "fucker.")

(I have trust issues.)

'Til next time!

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