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Episode 015: Sosaria - Through the eyes of a thief.

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Hail friends,


Where bears eat your children and ale is abundant! Where the only thing more feared than the monsters are the bards. Where a pretty necro girl can make all your dreams come true and with one-thousand bottles, you can make them do it with a smile. ::take the one on the left:: Where miners and lumberjacks need no rest, no food, no toilet... chop chop chop, dig dig dig, all day and all night long. ::your other left:: Where bandages are a valued commodity, where archers rule the world, and where necromancers rule despise. Where wealth is measured in glory not gold.

'Tis a wonderful world we live in!


While the legions of warriors, hunters, archers, mages, necromancers, and tamers share spilt blood, it's those who dwell in the shadows that hold all the keys to all the doors.

::snoop the other guy::

*itch itch*

We grant permission for use of red gates, we issue permits to employ vendors at your businesses (ask for the current "protection" rates!), and with us you can rest assured your pack horses are safe.

::stupid bear fleas::

It has not yet been three lunar cycles and already my journals are filled with adventures I never dreamed of having. Relentlessly I scribble to record my experiences (and fudge the truth... truth is relative). If I didn't record it, no one would believe me. With the Isle of Mith and Terra Sanctum under our protection (current rate is still 1000 bandages per spawn), the THIEF thief-dom is strong and secure.

Except for a few bear fleas and man-ish tongue, all is well.

::run you fool::

As I leave you now, for you to pursue your own adventures, I leave my fellow feluccans with a few rules to live by:

1. Watch your pockets, watch your back, and watch your children! I suggest carrying poisonous fishsteaks on you when you travel in bear territory. They can't resist.

2. Insurance is overrated. The "cool" warriors don't use insurance. You are COOL aren't you?

3. And whatever you do, keep your genitals out of arms reach from the bards.


As for me... I'll keep the secrets of Sosaria to myself, safely in my journal...

I apologize in advance, Chad Sexington

(Chad's Journal)

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