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Episode 201: It was just laying there.

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And so it continues...

Hail friends,

You know what the great thing about Luna is? There's always someone with something to take. Here I am, snooping around Alrich Ironhand's pack, when Bartlby of TO rudely interrupts me.

Akaku of (who knows what) follows right behind.

(Something was up.)

I head out the bank's east entrance (still within guardzone) and find Shakaja of K0C getting mowed down by two earth elementals, Poison Ivy, and 2 other TO at her back!

Shakaja, the stealth / archer / tamer, could hold her own with her dragon by her side, but the earth elementals would make it a little more interesting than the other times I've witnessed before. They head into the ally at the side of the bank.

(Someone was going to die, you could smell it.)

Shakaja was poisoned and Poison Ivy was the only one giving her all. (The town guards must be holding back the others.)

At the ass end of the ally, I find Robert the Brute with a pack full of all kinds of goodies. But something was wrong...

Tallulah the guard sends Poison Ivy face first into the ground. But what could have angered the guards? A mis-fired spell? a area effect with others in its area?? A stupid mistake???

(Too many questions.)

Whatever it was, it didn't matter now. There was a lootin' to be done!

I was the first to get to the body, but Shakaja was the first to get to the jewels. I take the chest piece, she takes the shield, I go for the arms, gorget, and leggings. Shakaja's dragon keeps the other TO at bay. I look again and spot a thin decorative head piece.


I don't even have to look at its stats to know what it was. I take it, go into hiding, and leave the regs just incase Shakaja goes into an uncontrollable rage -- despite the town guards -- for thieves looting her kills.

(She's done it in the past.)

Pola, the non-code-following thief pops out of hiding while checking the empty corpse. I check my pack, stay in hiding, and decide it was time to go.

(The 10 stone pet ball will have to wait until my skills are a little higher.)


Who cares about the pet ball? I head to the bank and claim the spoils of... uh... other people's wars.

'Til next time!

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