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Episode 183: The 1 Million Gold Challenge (Part 2 of 7)

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Hail friends,

"How do you put a town of thieves on the map?"

This is a question I continue to ask. This is a question that I pose to the general public with a possible answer and yet... there were still some non-believers amongst the population:

Public Posting by BlacK RaiN:
Fixed the road map to this event:

BTW, chad... this is the perfect moment to bring up the 100,000 gp back-rent you own me.

It was early afternoon on the day before the big day. And even with all this going on, I still get side-tracked and I still get enticed by shiney things in other's packs. Even though I find myself at the foot steps of Chaos, what's to come is still on my mind...

...and it was also in the minds of others.

I spot someone to the north and go in for a closer look.

AEowyn of GIL (and her Tracking skills), Cuddles the Destroyer, and Warhawk of NEW.

I side-step the NEW as he fizzles and fizzles and fizzles his invisibility spell.

And I find a present for me on the ground, just laying there!

AEowyn: Hello Chad.
AEowyn: Please don't take NEW's gold.

I had no intention of giving it back and being scammed out of ground gold by this scammer.

(Finders keepers.)

I pretend to pay attention while I snoop around in plain sight. She keeps talking. It was something about not having issues, something about NEW people having needs too, and I'm pretty sure it was something about her massive amounts of cooties.

(I'm sure it was unimportant.)

And then she finally says something that catches my attention.

Actually... I am in need of grunt work services!

I propose a deal...

...but the Balron behind her takes offense, pushes Cuddles to the side, inhales a wiff of AEowyn's cooties, and is driven into an uncontrollable rage!

Free armor!

(It was just laying there.)

Warhawk watches as I loot her dry, Cuddles keeps the Balron busy, and AEowyn runs away in tears. And through it all, AEowyn did bring up an interesting point... it was time to stop bullshitting around. The event was tomorrow, AEowyn's tear filled eyes was sure to bring the rest of the blue squad to our doorsteps and it was time to get out of Chaos and continue with the preparations.

I take my well earned ground gold and put it to immediate use:

I buy out all the local vendors at Umbra, Moonglow, Trinsic and Yew. I stuff it all into the chests on my house steps. (I throw AEowyn's luck armor, arcane clothing, regs and arcane gems in along with it.) The supplies were ready, but the tower had yet to be touched. Evening was coming and there was much, much more to be done if anyone would make note of us...

...much less a town of thieves.

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