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Episode 138: 115 Chiv courtesy of Papa Smurf & W@R

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**Note: This episode is another that was originally in a different section. It isn't written in my usual style (whatever that is). You can tell this story was told a long time ago, way back in the W@R and XP days. I miss those days.

I haven't been doing spawns lately so I figured people would be letting their guard down. Two W@R blues doing a mid-day spawn. Papa Smurf Archer/Tamer & Kreator Necro/Mage.

Dan from XP comes into view. Now Coon's been out for a while, so I figure Dan from is just checking spawns. The champ is about 1/4 life. He dispatches Papa Smurf with some help from Baracoon, the Dan and Kreator go at it. General Censored pops in and joins the fight 2v1 and Dan drops in 2 seconds.

The three of them finished off Coon but XP about 3-4 deep are running down the bridge. I snoop Kreator but he jumps to the star room. They left the gold and so did I. They follow them into the star room. I doesn't look good for me, there'll probably be some fields at the other end, but I can't help myself. They start the fisticuffs in the star room and Cookie Monster eventually joins them.

I snoop Papa Smurf and he has 7 scrolls on him. I look at all 7 and the best he has is a 115 Chiv. I get it on last target and attempt the steal but he moves at the last second. They're too busy with each other to bother with me. I don't run away, just invis. I move in for a second attempt, snatch it and run to the teleporter to Terra Keep. At the other end 3 XP members just got chased out and are regrouping. They're blocking the bridge. I hit Hide and stand still. I'm not sure if they saw me in wolf form. I wait out the skill timer and stealth/shadow jump away.

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