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Episode 093: There was a time...

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Hail friends,

I walk into Despise looking for trouble but find nothing but a sight that's becoming all too familiar.

A mountain of gold and scrolls just sitting there for the taking.

I fill my pockets with 150k in gold and everything else I can carry. I take it all and should be grateful... but... something's missing.


I know what it is.

There was a time when a 115 Stealing scroll would have been the highlight of my day.

A time where reds and blues alike would risk their lives to protect it from invading raiders. A time when the raiders would throw their lives away in order to obtain this very scroll. There was a time when my heart would pound, my hands would sweat, and my mind would race at the sight and just the meer possibility of taking what was so valuable to them and to me. There was a time when 125k in gold pieces would buy you anything your heat desired. A time when the land was raw and the lands unchecked. A time where tree huggers and scoundrels alike would trek across the land and act as trail blazers wherever there feet would land.

Those times are long gone.

The lands are mapped. The bank accounts are filled. The power from scrolls are powerful no longer. And with it, much of the glory to be had evaporates with every blow.

Spawning guilds curse me no more.

('Tis a sad story.)



I return the next night in hopes of returning the latest "up yours" the gods have thrown in my direction.

(The gods have other plans.)

I return to pocket the 150k in gold and return. But this time I turn to the innerds of Despise to tickle my interest.

Into the depts of these caverns, I go to find whatever adventure is left to be had.

Deep Rising!

(Again?) And after an age there he is, right where I left him.

I snoop his pack and check his pockets.

Ah! A replacement boat! So... he's finally gathered enough gold to replace the one I took long ago.

(Good man.)

Me standing knee deep in lizardmen and him with nothing but a bag of sending, he casts an enemy of one as I prepare to do what I came here to do.

Maybe this was it! Maybe this was the answer to my latest woes! Perhaps a boat filled with loot in uncharted oceans? Perhaps an boat full of pirates waiting to ambush very inquisitive thieves!? Perhaps my hand at eluding those pirates in the midst of their ill concieved plan while robbing them blind was the adventure that awaited me this day!

I snatch the key and make for the exit with a bounce in my step.

The unknown awaited me and I didn't want to keep it waiting.

(That would be rude.)

I wait for the criminal flag to wear off, decide to drop off my loot at the bank before I go...

...and find that even my pirate adventure would be denied me this day.

There he stands, out of breath and scoffing at my wasted efforts with a smirk on his face like he's just dry docked his boat, murdered my cat, and spat in my ale.


I check the key anyway... to no avail.


Alas, that's the end of this pitiful tale.


What a waste. What a shame. What has happened to the world?

There was a time where adventure was around every corner. The times have changed and the Age of Shadows still leaves it's bitter footprint on the lands of Sosaria. Adventurers and travellers alike no longer spin great tales of great deeds of great treasure and of great turmoil. Bards no longer sing the songs of glorious battles.

(I fear I may be the last.)


The taverns are empty.

The towns are deserted.

The end of times is upon us...

(Or so I've been told.)

I take my gold. I take my scrolls. But I take no glory this day... for there is none to be had.
  • 300k in gold pieces
  • 115 Stealing
  • 115 Tactics
  • 115 Meditation
  • 115 Wrestling
  • 115 Animal Lore x2
  • And a head full of memories of a time long since passed.

I fear the times are changing and not for the best.

(If not today, then maybe the next.)

'Til next time!

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