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Episode 022: Tragedy in Delucia

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Hail friends,

...blood? On my robes, on my dagger... on my hands? I've done it again, and this time I fear my sins will not be forgiven.


I should start from the beginning...


The guild was getting antsy, looking for some action. So we decide (complain until someone moves) to check spawns. I tire of the rats of Despise so I begin my journey in the Lost Lands, in the forgotten city of Delucia.

And as I travel, I'm nagged by a question that won't leave my thoughts.

Ever get that feeling like you're being watched?

Some use the buddy system for security and emotional reasons (two men out in the wild can get lonely!). While others refuse the brokeback sosarian lifestyle. They brave the wild with nothing but their steeds. Conquering the unconquerable, defeating the undefeatable, and taunting the untauntable (me).

Adventurers like Sir Devereaux.

I do what I must. I take my time and inspect my prey.

An uninsured, charge-less, talisman of curse removal with masonry bonuses! He's careful to stay within the boundaries of the town guards, but not too savy on the rules of insurance. Big mistake.

His loss is my gain. ^^

It's tempting to finish it now, but I take my time in the shadows and watch.

::Runes, tools, ore, ingots, fishsteak, weaponry, a deed for a loom, and... what's this?::

The librarians denied me my first library card. It looks like fate has stepped in to give me my due. Sir Devereaux's blood and sweat went in to obtaining this mighty trinket. I shall have to thank him properly.

I move into position, get the talisman on last target, and when he least expects it...



*runs away like a little school girl*

I out run to the town guards, I out run his fire beetle, hide in the bushes and wait for the commotion to settle. And just like that I walk (with a swagger) into the bank and stash my new toy.

"CHAD! You got what you wanted. You ruined his day. The treasure is yours. Now stop! And no, I'm not free friday night. The color of my underwear is none of your business!"

LIES! The librarian was free friday night. I'll show her. I know what it is. She think's I'm spineless. She thinks I need hiding and stealth to walk amongst the others. She wants me to prove myself! To fight for her affection. (maybe then I could take a closer look at her. keke.)

You know, you do someone a favor and they expect not to give you anything in return. Women. Why don't they just say what they mean? It's a good thing I have a 6th sense for these things.

Forget about the town guards, forget about the angry fire beetle standing by his side. For her, I go to work.

(Oh? A "hit list" with me not on it? We'll have to fix that.)

*you see Sir Deveneaux*

*dig dig dig*

*smelt ingots*


I get him on tracking, expose my deadly poisoned dagger, and move in for the kill.

*You are attacking Sir Deveneaux!*

A injection of leathal poison and a death strike later he flees! To the healer? To the bank to secure his items? At this point, I'm unsure if even he knows his destination.


No time to wrinse my arm pits with my impending greatness. The town healers are only a few screens away. With his tracking still active I watch his movements. I loot what I can, but it won't take him long to return.

I see him rushing back for his belongings, this time with the town guards by his side. I leave the rest and go back to finish his bright, firey, friend.

He rushes past me to in hopes to save his bug-eyed friend.

I find uninsured armor scattered with the the rest of the treasure.

And through all this he still refuses to give me what I want.

How dare he not add me to his list. Like an itch I can't stratch I feel it knawing at my soul. Only then with my thirst be satisfied.

*scribbles Sir Deveneaux's name on "to do" list (note: different than "to do sexually" list)*

AMAZING! Like an unwanted pet he ignores me. Fixated on his runebooks, he goes about his chores.

He grabs one thousand gold pieces and heads towards the stables... and I follow.

Too slow to get close enough for a second kill (and with the stablemaster watching my every move), I wait for a better opportunity.

Deveneaux mounts his new friend. But now he rides without pride, without his valuable ingots, and without pants to cover his shame.

Finally, fatigue from his encounter with my blade begins to settle in. He turns to take the path through the caves, in search of friendlier territory. But I say when this fight is over, not he. I get him on tracking and try to keep up with my mounted foe.

Outside is where I would make my move. Pants-less and hat-less, one failed attempt at a recall would be all it would take.

I dash to his side, and make ready my blade.

"Kal Ort Por" he says.

*You are attacking Sir Dev---*


I wait a few moments and wait for his return, but he never comes. Until my name is on his profile I will never stop--I swear it.




*runs off to the library to share the good news*

I suspect she wears red.

(This will require further investigation.)

'Til next time!

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