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Episode 200: The King of Thieves (Part II)

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Hail friends,

It's been fun folks. Instead of sitting on a throne that'll never be mind, this time I stand atop a large tower in the middle of a town of thieves. But what have I really accomplished? Have I met all of my past goals?? What about the not-so-forgotten goals of the past!?

It was time to set things straight.

*rolls up sleeves*

I grab my pen and my paper, put on my thinking hat, and test my wits against my biggest nemesis of them all once more: The UO God herself, Jeremy [EAMythic Community Coordinator]

It's been a while since I last pm'd you, so let me introduce myself once more. My name is Chad Sexington, guildmaster of THIEF on the shard of Siege Perilous and the webmaster of UOThief.

The last time we spoke, I was approaching Episode 100 of my long running Ultima Online episodes "The Mis-adventures of Chad Sexington." I'm speaking to you now because Episode 100 may long past but now Episode 200 soon approaches. I would still like to make an event of it. I'm requesting a name change for my character on Siege.

From: Chad Sexington

To: Chad Sexington the King of Thieves

Last time I provided you with a list of facts to try an make my case for this request. Instead of repeating that list, I'll list for you now some milestones I've reached since that time:
  • The Mis-adventures has now become the longest running series of UO episodes in the 11 year history of Ultima Online (by a single character).
  • THIEF chapters have been established on four shards including: Napa Valley, Great Lakes, Atlantic, and Siege Perilous.
  • THIEF has been in existence for nearly three years, starting in January of 2006.
  • UOThief has been in existence for two years, starting on September 1st, 2006.
  • I've successfully established a player town of thieves by the name of Barter Town on Siege Perilous.
  • Sid of UOLedger has recently featured a series of interviews with myself (THIEF founder, website owner, guildmaster of THIEF of Siege Perilous), Tony Emerald (guildmaster of THIEF of Atlantic), and Jose Muerto (guildmaster of THIEF of Great Lakes).
Again, I won't repeat what I've stated to you 100 episodes ago, but I will emphasize to you now something I feel very strongly about. The stories players tell are extensions of experiences, in the world of Ultima Online. Be it from myself, players of the past or any other future endeavors. These stories aren't side-projects or "in addition" to the game, but are at the heart of the game itself. Nearly 2 years ago, you led me to believe that favoritism could not be shown in this manner (towards any player). What I'm asking from you now, I ask of it not exclusively for myself.

The stories authored by any other player should not only be acknowledged but celebrated. If 200 episodes (be it pvp, thievery, pvm, in trammel or felucca) are a pre-requisite to be granted such a thing that I'm asking from you now... I say so be it. Story telling promoting story telling is nothing but positive in all facets of the game.

Ultima Online as a game has left an impression on its players. It's time to celebrate and share those impressions.


Chad Sexington

This was the second communion I've made with the beast. Last time I waited 3 days for a response. This time 3 days comes and goes. 4 days, 5 days, and 6 days. 1 week passes and still no hint of a response. Nearly 3 weeks later, I can keep my silence no longer. If she wasn't going to write to me, I'll take the fight to her.

*rolls up sleeves*
I, of course, understand why you couldn't grant my request last time and why you again can't grant it this time. I hope you understand that you'll be hearing from me again in 100 more episodes.

Please keep UO running until that time.

Thank you,
Chad Sexington

A second time I strike with my poison. A second time Jeremy faceplants me with no remorse.

(She's cold hearted!)

This time I don't get any response involving fame-filters and uproar. This time I don't get an acknowledgment of any of my deeds. This time I go unnoticed, not even a blip on the EAMythic radar.

'Tis a sad, sad day.

...And so it ends again?

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