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Episode 151: I met an orc today. It was glorious.

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Hail friends,

With the constant failures at the bank I force myself to grind through the training and meet that first skill threshold in Stealing.

I do.

I did.

And now it's time to have some fun.

(What's this?)

An orc!

Ah, I've heard of these disgusting creatures. They smell like they look and they look like I feel (a.k.a. "not good").

I take a closer look.

Armed with an orcish spear and forgeting to wear any orcish leather or ring he--

--he hides.

But they can't hide from me. (Not anymore.)

This one was going shopping? Shopping for what? (And for whome?)

Who was the lucky girl? When is the wedding? Why wasn't I invited!?

(Too many questions.)

He runs.

He stops.

I sneak from the south from behind the building and get my first good look at the face of the shape of things to come.

Maybe I got this all wrong.

Maybe it's a forbidden love. Maybe the other orcs are displeased his him? Maybe the elves of Yew are the only ones who feel his pain? Maybe he's fallen for one of the elves and is seeking to create an unholy, inter-racial union?!

(No matter!)


(Where was I?)

Nothing too exicting in his main pouch (although I wonder why he isn't wearing his own armor). Three lesser pouches and only so much time. The clock is ticking.

I eye the bottom one as he takes two steps to the right to get a better vantage point to the vendors above this orcish tower.

(I have some time.)

(A very poor spear.)

He disappears (but he's still there).

I get in closer and this time I see everything.


I move on to the next pouch just to find it full of undesirable weapons -- just like the one he's holding.


I am mistaken!

I've underestimated this one. Smoke & mirrors. It's all just smoke & mirrors. With my luck the first weapon I set my eyes on is the only blessed item on him. But what about the rest?


I reach out and--


I wait.

He returns.

I'm tired of waiting.

My skills haven't failed me yet. I've stealthed each time I've needed to Stealth and I've snooped every time I've needed to Snoop.


I've also apparently just jinxed myself because everything goes to hell.

I attempt a snoop, fail and blow my cover. I snoop a second time out in the open and now I'm just grabbing wildly. I finally get inside his main pack, get inside his middle pouch, spot my weapon of choice, prepare to steal and...

Rok'tar: !

It's mine! It's all mine! Now to finish the job!

I pop out of ferret form, look him in the eye, let him know it's rude to exclude people from weddings, insist that he not break his orcish lover's heart and inform him of the risks and genetic defects associated with inter-racial orc/elf affairs! I tell him to think about the children as I prepare an infectious strike and use his own assassin's spike against him!



Or at least I would have if I had any skills in Fencing or Poisoning!


He gives chase and I get my fencing-less, poisoning-less self out of the angry, well-equip orc's way!

When the coast is clear I fail to hide.

I fail to hide again. And I fail to hide again. Ducking and dodging, zigging and zagging, I finally find the shadows.

I creep my way back, safely within reach of the gate, and the orc is still out for blood.

I leave him be.

Note to self: May have to purchase and/or swindle a pair of Soul Stones in the future to quench my un-quenchable murderous & poisonous rage.

Orcs: 0
Good Guys: 1

'Til next time!

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