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Episode 187: The 1 Million Gold Challenge (Part 6 of 7)

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Hail friends,

"How do you put a town of thieves on the map?"

An important question for sure. To answer that question, let's first answer this:

"How do you put anything on the map?"

First you have to define it's borders. First, let's continue our story with our heroes down at the mines. Then, I'll finish that thought. We fast forward and continue our story at the moment of victory and a very embarrassing death...

::Originally Posted by WaVy GrAvY::

Guarding the chest....

More of the same.

He stops to stay thank you while I'm chasing him....

me and Mr. Sly looting the Winner

Another of the Winner with his Bar up.

It looks like I wasn't the only one to "congratulate" him.


This challenge was over before it began. There were only "win" and "win more" win conditions for our merry little band (of winners!).

(Let me explain.)

*waves hands around mysteriously as the story continues just a little longer*

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