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Episode 193: The gift just keeps on giving.

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Hail friends,

It seems like half the time I run from Minoc to Barter Town I run into somebody. And it feels like half of the times that I do, that somebody is lumberjack named Gersendai.

I've snooped this lumberjack many-a-time as he makes his rounds (within guard zone) and he's never had anything for me before. But this time I wasn't looking for him, this time I just needed to pick up my stealable heavy xbow from the bank for RoT gains, and this time I wasn't in stealth.

Gersendai approaches and strikes up a friendly conversation.

But how to best a man who carries nothing of value?

As he was obviously a well learned and intellecutal man, I decide to out-logic him.

(What does he want with GrAvY? Behaving? He tamed GrAvY?)

(This is very distrubing news.)


(I may have underestimated this one. I use caution.)

All the cool vendors carry valuables with them at all times!

(I swear!)

Sensing this conversation going no where, I bid him farewell, run down to the healers, "forget" something at the bank and return.

I open my bank but it looks like I have what I need in my pack. ^^

(GrAvY again...?)

(Nope, not on.)


Any friend of GrAvY's is a friend of mine!

And since we're best good friends now, it would be rude if we didn't help each other out!

"Today is your lucky day!" I tell my best good friend as I share with him a treasure trove of the finest of looted miner equipment.

He approaches.


I add what little he had to my ever growing treasure trove in hopes I can spread the love even further.

Who knows? Maybe there's another lumberjack in need of some supplies.

(I blame this adventure of Lord Hermes.)

'Til next time!

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