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Episode 011: Fun with Poison (Part I)

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wolf in sheep's clothing

One who feigns congeniality while actually holding malevolent intentions.

Hail friends,

The life of a wolf is not an easy life to live. Many mistakes will be made. And while the pups tuck their tail between their legs, cover their genitals, and take the walk of shame back to Luna, the alpha males rise to the challenge and learn from their mistakes...

...or that's what one alpha male told me, I'm unsure what they really do.

*uncovers genitals*

Fresh from my encounter at the bear fort, dissapointed with my performance, I question how effective I really am. I try to gather my thoughts as I walk the dusty path near the outskirts of the deserted city of Trinsic.

And I stumble upon Breath of Judah of C-MB. He is a lone mage, fumbling with his items on the roof of his pathetic looking house. I must finish my thoughts at a later time. Right now I must introduce myself.

I try the front door, but he's too anti-social to come outside, his house remains private--the doors are locked.

How to get his attention?



Just like the bears couldn't resist panther flesh at their door steps, I am reminded of an old Triny proverb:

"Ye Trinsic house hiders be shy. Thine items secure. Yet ye folk cannot resist a horses lure."


What can I say? Got to frequent the right pubs.


I'm in luck! A horse is at his steps.

He doesn't even flinch.

From the distance I can see his eyes. He has the gold fever. So I give him what he wants.

The greedy bastard couldn't resist. And against better judgement he steps down stairs... and I properly say hello with a deadly poisoned shurken to the face.

He cures his poison and recalls away. I wait a moment... and the moment passes. I leave the riches at his steps and leave him in peace. I'm sure I'll see him again.

Trinsic folk have always been strange to me. I decide to continue my journey inland, away from the influence of city life. And while feluccan life can be lonely, there's always someone that comes to cheer you up.

I find a nearby cave.

Nadia had recalled in and out for the past 20 minutes. I wait patiently and study her every move. She recalls away and I position myself next to her location. She recalls back and peek inside her backpack.

Some shadow ore and a handful of shovels is all I find. Pathetic. She recalls away. I reveal my poisonous dagger. I've been itching to use it on someone since my encounter with Breath of the Dead.

I wait.

Minutes pass by as I wait in anticipation.

She recalls back and I move in for the kill!

Leathal poisons rushes through her veins! Deathstrike after deathstrike her life begins to fall. She fizzles her attempt at her incantation! Her life drops to 1/3. She casts her spell again and gets away!

I'm left alone in an empty cave... drenched in blood.

I return to Trinsic to find another of the C-MB clan busy sifting through their riches, back from a successful paragon hunt. Now from the looks of it, this was a very experienced, battle hardened, archer. I would have to watch myself around him. His body was littered with artifacts gathered throughout Sosaria. He was wielding a blaze hued bow. A few arrows would put me down for good.

Perhaps if he was not packing thief-seeking arrows and night vision sunglasses I would test his metal.

I could not win this fight.

So I help myself to some loot, say hello with a poisonous shuriken, and make my way towards the gate.

Ready to change out of these blood soaked robes I finally reach the moongate.

*You pass through someone invisible*

*detect hidden*

Chad Sexington: Hail.


No answer.

*looks around*




Drip... drop... drip... his body becomes weaker and weaker. 1/2 life. 1/3 life. 1/4 life.


At the last second his friends come running to his rescue!


The gate guards say hello in their own special way with a halberd to my skull. Davey Crocket pops to life and searches my empty body for loot like a conquering hero.

I stick around to watch laugh over my dead body.

Glow you say? I return to luna, resurrect, and check my bank box to restock my empty ninja belt with shurikens and apply fresh poison to my dagger.

What's this? ...2400 gold pieces!

I guess Nadia wasn't so lucky after all! Good ridance I say! She may have escaped me but she can't outrun the poison!

*pats self on back*

I make my way to Moonglow to find no less than 10+ members of /US\ and G*U!

I snoop and few packs but quickly realize there's not much for me here.

I return to Luna to call it a night. The day was long and the murderers were out and about. It was their time to have their own fun--

--what's this? A red gate? For me?

*jumps blindly through gate*

A wealthy man (judging by the size of his keep), the fair Vorn and his packy, were making their rounds. ^^

Back and forth he goes. To the bank (to load up on supplies *crosses fingers*) and back to his keep--always using the same magical rune to open the gate. And not just in any location, but 2 tiles away from his front steps.

I position myself between the gate and the steps leading to his front door.

A gate opens.

*You are attacking Vorn!*


He dashes through me and his packy makes it's way around my position. With the front door open I throw a shuriken poisoning his pack horse!

Vorn: An Nox

His spell may have been able to cure regular poison, but deadly poison is a little more persistant.

I throw a second shuriken but I miss his crotch and hit him in the leg.

The door shuts behind him and he manages to cure himself and his trusty horse just in time.

I take a few steps to the side and hide. A gate opens and they both are gone.

I decide to stick around and position myself in the sweet spot one more time.

A magical gate opens.

*You are attacking a pack horse!*

The pack horse begins to spasm uncontrollably.

Vorn: An Nox

I throw a shuriken at Vorn and hit the bullseye this time! Busy with curing his own poison the pack horse recieves no help from him. I quickly move in to check the corpse and the packs it was carrying--empty!

I would have thought deadly poison shuriken would put down any mortal man. But Vorn was no such man. He must have taken shurikens to the groin before. Actually, from his facial expression, he enjoyed it (a little too much).

With a smirk he says, "Corp Por."

*Vorn is attacking you!*

I begin to run as an energy bolt hits me from behind--for only 17 points! An experience mage would have me running for my life, but Vorn was no such mage. I turn the corner and return to finish the fight but alas, he is safely within the thick walls of his stone keep. *nuts*

My fellow thief pirella gets word of the action and is soon next to me ready to say hello. We wait a few moments but he never returns. We decide to take our leave but not without leaving one last friendly warning for my new best friend.

Some people question the reason for the dark arts of poison I have mastered. Perhaps the knowledge could be put to better use in another skill.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

'Til next time!

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