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Episode 256: GM Nacau and the Quicksand Trap

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Hail friends,


I recently completed my template (finally) and what better way to show off that template than pestering the easily pesterable, early morning spawners of Despise. I shake off the morning hangover and dig the crust out of my eyes.

It's been a while and it was time to go spawning!

Aye, it's one of my least favorite duties I have to fullfill as a professional thief. I'd say, "I didn't sign up for this crap." But we both know that's not true. It says so in the job description.

(It's in the fine print.)

Who else is going to keep the spawners on their toes?

Reluctantly, off I go to satisfy my quota of required powerscroll nabbing raids.

(And besides... what's the worst thing that can happen?)

I enter the dungeon and find no signs of life. No spawners, no spawn, and no loot. But what abou--

--What's this?

Half wooden. Half sand.

(All very disturbing.)

I sink farther down.

It's a trick!

A thief-hating whatsy-foo! A stealth-hating snazzy-doo!

(A damn pit of sand from which there is no escape.)

I sink farther still.

I'm unable to take a step in any direction.

I had only one course of action.

I must request a forum with the Gods (and pray they're in a merciful mood)!

My final words.

(How embarrassing.)

Then the waiting game begins. It's at these moments when you seperate mice from men. It's at these times when you have to dig deep and give everything you've got -- mentally and physicially. Seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to... hours...? Hours... turn to... days?

(But was it days?)

(I can no longer tell.)

*cough* *cough*

Days (?) without food, water, or toilet.

--And then came the light!

(But was he friend or foe?)

(We'd soon find out.)

He first plucks me out of the shadows, then sneezes me back out to reality.

And then... an idea.


(We'd better child proof this bridge now. Someone could get hurt!)

I take another step back and...

"Help! I'm stuck!"

(I didn't do it! I swear!)

Chad Sexington: Wait!



(I don't think the bridge was built to code, but unless he wants to lavish me with untold amounts of riches, that's all he can do for me... for now.)

And then over and over I'm plucked from the shadows and I quicken my pace.

(I don't think he appreciated my child-proofing efforts.)


All-in-all, I made it out with my life. The empty cavern of Depise was troubling, but GM Nacau's hatred of children was even more disheartening.


There must be something more than can be done...

(This isn't over yet.)

*pumps fist*

'Til next time!

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