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Episode 198: Your face is my toilet.

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Hail friends,

What a wonderful day! Everything was going well. The guild was strong, the steals were good, and everyone was happy and gay. I take time out from my regular potrolling (duties?), go to the bank, and take a breather. I spot a few Luna regulars, some invisible tamers, and a pair of thieves named Abbadon and Sweeney while I'm walking up the bank steps.


A fantastic explosion and an unusually hilarious amount of blood fills the bank and covers its inhabitants.

The horror!

The ghost of the former thief curses me from beyond.


No! Dear god, NO! It was an accident. You saw that! Everyone saw that!?

(Weep, weep. Cry, cry.)

Abbadon comes back to collect his blongings... and his dignity.

But why would you do that? (The Code!)




I try to get the other one.

(They started it.)

...but Sweeney thought better of it and let my crate contents be.

I hand the new thieves some ninjitsu jewels after educating them about snooping me, and go about my business.

(Don't snoop my crates.)


::A Few Days Later::



(Oooo... arcane boots.)

(How embarrassing.)

(He started it.)

I later find him at the entrance to the stables below and he admits the error of his ways.

'Til next time!

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