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Episode 234: One year, two months, and twelve days.
(Part 6 of 12)

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Hail friends,

My paws are getting itchy and 1 week was too long a wait. They didn't see detect me the past two attempts so everything was fine... right?

(I'd be playing with fire tonight.)

Once again, I put the pre-ambush routine into full effect.

And once again, I'm right where I need to be. And this time, at 3:52am, I found that magical time slot. I'm literally waking in the middle of the gates forming around me. It's beautiful.

(I help myself.)

First Reuggen, then Hettar.


A 7 stone Shield of Invulnerability. I could be mine. I could take it. With 109.5 stealing it wouldn't be an impossible feet. But is this what I came for? Is this why I'm here? Where are the scrolls that were promised me?


I pass on the shield (for now) and move along.

The only one left to snoop was my good friend Az.



(Double Jackpot.)

They go through their routine and I go through mine.

(Good to know.)

He had what I wanted and it was now or never.

And when I'm about to make my move, they cast invisibility on him. They then exit the roof and leave both Az and his treasure filled pockets to fend for themselves...?

(Time to get new friends.)

(What scroll? My scroll?)

(Well, one of us will.)

The other GIL heads out the red gate, Reuggan casts a blue gate, and I take what's mine. In a flash; he steps on the gate, the steal is made, and then -- he's gone.

From Az to Reuggan, from Reuggan to me.

And in my victory I wasn't done yet.

Az was here... somewhere. He had something I wanted so I put my skill in detecting hidden to use.


(Tisk, tisk. Your friends left you all alone.)

He wakes and I make my move.

Just like last time, a gate is cast, I make my move, the sash goes on, and in a flash -- he's gone.


I finally nab the 120 scroll I was looking for and I add the scrolls to my ever growing stack of Gilfane donations.

The perfect crime.

It's almost not fair and at this point, keeping the secret within my own inner circle is what eats at my soul. They deserve to know and now that I've got what I wanted, they should get in on the action and fill their own pockets.

--And besides, if I can never tell them, how will I ever gloat in their treasureless faces?

(An ethical dilemma indeed.)

And despite my success, I had one loose end that bugs at me. "The Shield." The image of Hettar Dargaard's 7 stone Invulnerability Shield taunghts me in my dreams.

Hettar Dargaard had something I wanted and he was only available for hunts on Thursdays.

(It's a date.)

...but Thursday would have to wait. This story would take a much needed (and hilarious) turn later that day.

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