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Epilogue 304: Thunderdome Casino of Barter Town

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Hail friends,

Speaking of failed plans for Barter Town;

I think it was around September of 2009 when I emailed Cybernickel (from Episode 262 and Episode 263) with a proposal. I chose Cybernickel for this because he had a monopoly on brokering for Siege Perilous. He had the bank roll, he was trustworthy, and he treated his work as a business (literally). I lost the original email/private message, but the idea of it all went something like this:


Find someone wealthy enough to run a casino in Barter Town, running a bi-weekly casino night for the shard, featuring the standard fair of dice games, lottos, and whatever else he see's fit. If he chose to do this, he would handle the finances and running of the casino and I would be in charge of advertising the event on his behalf. He would retain 100% of the profit, but I would insist that he use one of the empty Barter Town plots and name it the "Thunderdome Casino of Barter Town." It would be a casino run by him, based in Barter Town, carrying the town's name.

What Cybernickel Gets Out of This:
  1. Another Source of Income - Like I said, Cybernickel would retain 100% of the profit. And like any other casino on any other shard (or in real life), the house always wins. It's all just a numbers game. Even if there were a big win here or there from a guest, over time, the net take would end up in the house's favor.
  2. Location - He could always run a casino without collaborating with me (and he would probably be successful), but because Barter Town is a recognizable locale on Siege Perilous, advertized by me any way I knew how, it would be that much more successful. (The benefit would either be neutral or positive, but not negative.)
What Barter Town Gets Out of This:
  1. More Foot Traffic - Even though Barter Town already had a large amount of foot traffic (due to jester hat wearing miners, jester hat wearing visitors, people running through from Minoc to the player houses of North Minoc, and all of us thieves (not to mention the occassional hater that stops by), the town could always more people. I'm sorry to say that although the majority of people on Siege knew of Barter Town, there was little point in visiting for most.
  2. Casino Legitimacy - Cybernickel is a popular guy. Through his business as a broker, everyone would know that "casino night" would be legit. Although he would have been an official citizen of Barter Town, he would be in charge of all the transactions, the checks would have been blessed, and the rest of us thieves would never have a chance to get our grubby hands on them. And enough though I've never been known to be a scammer, Cybernickel is pretty much the most universally trustworthy person on the shard.
  3. Putting the Barter in Barter Town - Even though there have always been a few random vendors at the log cabin next to guard zone (a.k.a. The Forgery) and I had an idea about an auction house (that would never work), there really hasn't been that much "bartering" going on in town. And if there ever were to be a popular casino on Siege Perilous, I figure what better place to put it than Barter Town? This would add a regularly scheduled event held in Barter Town, fitting the theme.
What About the Thieves?

As a long time guildmaster of a guild of thieves, I've always kept in mind that the number one thing thieves hate is someone else telling them what they can't do. For example, I had as few rules as possible within the guild itself (beyond recruitment). We had the mines which always a good source of laughs... but there were never any scheduled "patrols" for the mines. Members were never required to put X number of hours per week to reach their guard duty quota or anything like that. The mines were there, miners came, and fun was had (even if that fun was talking to people wearing hats). This same idea would apply to the casino.

The beauty of it all would be the fact that casino trasactions (unlike auction transactions) could be done with blessed checks alone. If people wanted to participate, they could come naked carrying nothing but checks and still participate. (And if the transactions weren't secure, no one would be participating at all.) There wouldn't be any rules about not stealing from casino patrons, but warnings about thievery would be given in the bi-weekly advertisements:
The Thunderdome Casino is located in a town of THIEVES. This is a legit establishment run by Cybernickel (no scams!). That being said, use caution in town. **Cybernickel has full authority to ban anyone from the casino, including any of us thieves.**
We would warn people about the dangers in order to keep the legitimacy of the casino intact... but you know people. Someone always forgets something in their pack and if it were worth stealing, we would take it. More foot traffic in town is always a good thing--even if they were pre-warned every time they visited. Once in town, there wouldn't be any guild rules on our end protecting them from normal steals. (We'd probably end up being a little nicer about it, but there would be no official rules against such actions.)


Unfortunately, even though I had pretty good past experiences with Cybernickel, he never replied to my proposal. I used Cybernickel when I first came to Siege from Napa (x-fering just enough gold to found the guild and buy the tower), so we had a business history. And I think we both thought our encounter at the Isle of Hate was pretty funny, so we had a personal history. Maybe he didn't have the time or staff to run the casino, maybe he didn't want to be associated with Barter Town, or maybe he had no interest in any of it at all. Whatever the reason, he never replied, it never got off the ground, and Thunderdome was never built.

(It was a good idea.)

'Til next time!

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