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Episode 210: Where all dreams come true.

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Hail friends,

Somewhere out there is an imaginary land full of treasure as far as the eye can see.

The world I live in isn't such a place... but it's close.

I make my rounds through Despise. Instead of finding the usual piles of scattered gold (and no one in sight), I find five 115 Power Scrolls (just laying there!). I quickly scarf down the 115 Ninjitsu and scurry along. Later that day, still looking for some trouble, I make the long march from Umbra to Luna and find an IDOC. A pair of stretch hides, a handful of jewels, and a 1250 Luck Suit! I pocket the valuables, mark a rune off the road and label it "Where all dreams come true." I quickly craft a handful of trapped crates and put them in place. I watch and wait.

2 hours pass.

Nothing. Nobody.

(A valiant effort, but it just wasn't my day.)

With my head hung low with pockets over flowing, in the streets of Umbra, I find someone to finally brighten my day.

Bill Evans!

What are you doing all alone within guard zone? 100% LRC suit? You want me to test my luck (and the guard's halberds)? Why yes, I think I will!

(I was itching for some action and now I've found it.)

Even if he was half away, I'd have to make it quick. I get into position, grab my kryss, mount my steed, prepare a death strike, shoot a poisonous dart and let the fun begin.

He flops over lifeless only to have his ghost pop to life just a little too late. I take what's mine, head home, and reap the spoils of a very profitable day.

It's been a while since I've taken a murder count. Ah, the world is right once again.

'Til next time!

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