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Episode 101: Trickery in the Night

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And so it begins again...

Hail friends,

The moon is full, the blues are out, and two months have passed since my last steal.

I choose Yew Gate as my hunting ground.

Enter the Glorious Velis, the Kengo Samurai of KOA.

He pops through the gate as I use it as cover while I help myself to his belongings. (He doesn't suspect a thing.)

An Ornate Axe here...

...a Crescent Blade here. But I'm on the hunt for sweeter meats!

Woe Fe returns to the gate, Velis' attention is distract, and I move in--


"Someone's hidden on the gate." his clever sense of deductive reasoning, reasonably deduces.

And with his highened Samurai skills -- skills which I will never fully understand -- tells him to walk back and forth repeatedly until the stealther is revealed!


(I use it to my advantage.)

"Hello." I say, while I self reveal and snatch my Paint in an instant.

I check my criminal status.


(Still blue.)

I wait for his response.



"Hey Chad."

(He doesn't suspect a thing.)

*grin* I keep up this charade while I still can. (He still had another jar of my Tribal Paint.)

The conversation continues. He notes my absence from these parts as of late. I bring up the lack of guilds doing champion spawns.

Woe Fe sits idle.

Velis pokes fun.

...and I move in.

He cleverly makes note of my profession and I make no attempt to hide. Velis watches me snoop Woe Fe, I watch myself snoop Velis, and I'd like to think that Woe Fe knows exactly what's going on.

I pop open his inner pack and find my Tribal Paint right where I remember it while he insists on continuing the conversation.

I wait for the right moment.

And when that moment comes...

I take what's mine.

*happy face*

The chit-chat comes to a halt, I thank Velis for his generous donation, and go about my business.

(Still got it.)

'Til next time!

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