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Episode 102: Stealing from the rich and more for me.

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Hail friends,

I find my self sniffing around the dozens of faction vendors in the great City of Britain...

...why am I in Britain? I'll never tell.

(I have my reasons.)

The Nefarious Tir approaches from the south and has piqued my interest.

He shops, he mingles, and he dashes back to the south.

I've gotten him on tracking but and two steps behind on peeking into his pack. Down through the streets he goes with me right behind. He breaks right and stops at the bank. Two screens ahead of me now, he circles around to the docks and back down to the bad side of town... but I know where he's going.

(There's only one place he would go.)

I should have known. I should have been waiting. But it came to me too late.

(I sense a pattern brewing.)


(It's going to be a long day.)

Tir gets away and a faint scent of freshly baked cinnamon cookies is left in his wake.

With my mind insistant that his concentration breaking tactics have failed (and with my stomach arguing furiously), I return to the scene of the crime and wait for them to come to me. Someone was going to donate to my cookie fund tonight whether they wanted to or not. Who was it going to be?

...I wouldn't be able to dwell on these troubling thoughts for long. I stay a little longer and watch a smithy making his rounds. None too interesting. I retire to Luna and I retire just in time to let fate's hand touch once more.

Tir waddles out just as fast as he waddled in, dragging a pack horse behind.

Whatever was going to happen next was going to happen fast. I've been been too sluggish and too slow all day long. There was going to be treasure, there were going to be riches, and it was all going to be for the taking. Of this fact, I have no doubt.

To the very rich and to the very wealthy he goes with a very rich and very wealthy friend waiting.

Giogi watches Tir lead the horse through the gate. He watches it open, but doesn't stay to watch for intruders.

"Kal Ort Por!" Giogi announces as I move it with no one in sight.

And here I am... too late, yet again.

And I'm reward with nothing but a treasureless and useless tamer.

When all hope is lost... I look to my left and notice the huge yew tree towering over me. I check my map and know exatly where I am.

I fight off my voyeuristic ways and leave these two lovers with their privacy and 1000 demon bones... to do whatever lovers and demon bones do.


And then it comes full circle; our meeting in Britain and our encounter at the bank. Ready to snoop the entire field... I stop.

I don't even bother.

I know when a deal is about to go down when I see it.

The players were set and the game was afoot!

"I heard you were a scammer..."
"...what u expect... the moment... was in fell."

(I didn't get all of it...)

(...and personally, I think Neo just wanted to sneak in a reach-around.)

I stay out of their converstion, continue to allow them to stand very still for my benefit, and spot an uninsured bow!

With the bow in my sights, I look again--

--and find what I'm looking for!

Oh, glorious days!

I take it.

I run for it.

I hide it and return for the other bow.


I find the two in Luna, finalizing their deal. There's little chance to find anything of value left, but I just can't help myself.

(Just as I suspected.)

I take my leave and thank Neo for his Dryad Bow.

A long day. A strange day.


(I wonder what tomorrow will bring.)

'Til next time!

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