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Episode 209: New faces, old places, no traces, and me.

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Hail friends,

Ah, the woes of townie stealing.

Another day and another attempted snatching of holiday items... but this time, I failed miserably on a 2 stone Snow Pile.

I return and... he remains!

I don't touch my body (I want his guard to remain down) and I pick up right where I left off.

First one, then another, and finally a third Snow Pile I relinquish from his pack before he notices.

Another day at the bank, another steal and yet... this is getting a little boring? Where is the danger? Where is the adventure?

"Tomorrow will be different!" he proclaims with semi-masculinity.

::The Next Day:

--And the bank just sucks me back in.

*sad face*

Turtles: It's you!
Chad Sexington: ??
Turtles: I just read about you and here you are.

Chad Sexington: It wasn't me!
Chad Sexington: I swear!


(And not a moment too soon.)

Lord Roo, the elder bard, comes marching in the bank to join us. And from the looks of his backpack contents, he was quite successful with his hunt!

He trots down, around, up, and over... with me right behind.

He stops.

He speaks.

I take.

I bank my scroll down stairs, put on the proper equipment, and go back for more.

Many slayers and a few jewels.

Roo goes back down and my best good friend, Turtles, serves as a sufficient distraction.

(I take what I like.)

(But I wanted more.)

The conversation was short and Roo limps off with my loot.

(Turtles isn't much for conversation.)

Turtles: lol
Turtles: Sorry.

And finally Roo provides me with the means to finally rid myself of this scenery.

Ah ha!

I know where this is and I know what treasures are just around the corner.

I knew that guild tag looked familiar.

It was my neighbor to the north! The fiend from the east! My menace whose own village was within shouting distance from Barter Town!


And what other dirt did I have on my new best good friend?

Glorious, glorious loot!

Still locked, but no matter.

I saw the signs, I know the location, and now I've seen the perpetrator. I know his habbits at the bank. From the looks of his slaying instruments, he has a fetish for blood elementals. I know the boats won't refresh themselves. And I know that in his heart of hearts, robbing him blind is what he would want me to do.

(Why else would you set up town and dock a treasure filled armada so close to Barter Town?)


I bid him fare thee well.

(For now.)

And now back at the bank, I find the TnT that Roo was (apparently) looking for.

Toki Wartooth of TnT and a 115 Musicianship scroll. Sadly, he was a little too fast and I was a little too slow.


Still, it gave me another excuse to get my ass out of town and into more interesting hijinx.

At Despise, it looks like I missed his friends. I fill my pockets with 16k in gold and call it a night.

I miss Despise.

(I should come here more often.)

So many things to steal, so little time.

'Til next time!

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