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Episode 020: Enough death robes to feed a starving country.

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One who plunders; sacks.

*sips ale*

*jumps through red gate*

Ave-k VII, you magnificent bastard. I'd hate you if only you didn't open so many red gates.

*sips ale*

He was taking on the combined forces of XP and the bears (with the aid of the guards of Yew). They exchange blows... and with their hands full I took a closer look.

Power Scrolls! ... 110 scrolls.

...hm? An insured set of champion skulls. Interesting. *scribbles in fate journal*

With nothing for me here, I chug the rest of my happy juice and dream of the Stat Scrolls that my mother promised to me with her dying words:

"Chad, one day you'll steal a +25 Stat scroll... and... men like me for my personality."

I hold her close, tell her "Of course they do" and feel her life slip away. I check her pockets for her dying riches, and take everything of value from her lifeless body (what? she would have wanted me to. *shrugs*). I take it all except her clothing. I didn't want to expose her... uh... "personality."


::loses conciousness::


"Vas Rel Por"


...my head hurts... did I fall asleep at the gate? (again?)

[Guild Chat]: people at rat spawn

Snap out of it! The rich don't get wealthy by laying down! And this time I won't be alone. pirella was already at the scene. *puts on game face*

*jumps gate*

The den of evil yet again! Have at thee!

Ah-ha! The bears and there masters... and they don't suspect a thing.

I sneak amongst them. I mingle. And they don't even notice the intruder in their midst.

They'll never find me! It wasn't me! It was the one-armed man! It was--


*game face falls off*

*shadow jump*


These bears are getting clever, they are. No matter, I take my time (and fill my pockets with 16 thousand gold pieces) and snoop them all one-by-one at the alter...

...and in the star room.


Tricksy they are.

::Note to self: Me + time > new tactic::

No matter, something is in the air. And I spy something still in Sauron's possession--the champion skulls. I bank and quickly return.

Like an angry cheeta, I move...

Like a nervous grasshopper, I wait...

Like a consipated dog, I twitch... ?


::game face chad! ... slacker::


I know how to find them. Ah, the death robes begin to stack up and the body count begins to rise. (I suspect this is a sign for things to come.)

So it's in the halls of Covetous that this great battle will take place--SO BE IT!

Myself, pirella, and other valiant warriors race to the gates of hell.

And while the others fall behind... I slip through their outer defenses quite easily.

And there he is, just like that, the plunderer himself. With no time to lose, the bears take a sweep of the area and lead him to the back room.

And like overzealous barbarians, they charge in--clearly no match for his awsome plundering prowess. Fools. You damn fools.

The death robes start flowing freely now. And with the intruders with greater numbers banging at the gates, the harrower in front, and me in the middle, it doesn't take too long for the bears to lose control.

Death surrounds me. Engulfs me. Chews me up and spits me out like an ex-girlfriend. I feel dirty and have no pride left. A second dirt nap awaits me and my naked personality is shown to the world.

I have no composure left to gather. I scavenge what personality I have left and throw myself back into the flames.

They quickly dispatch of the harrower's human form... while I take a peek in their packs. ^^

The unholy alliance of EoW and /US\ has arrived, and has arrived in style. But their alliance that makes them feel so secure will be their downfall. With this I move freely amonst them. With this I take my time and take my pick of whichever scroll I deemed mine.

"WHO'S IN THE CORNER??" an archer yells.


*you see Ewert in the corner!*

::Goddamnit. I know what's coming::


Will no one listen to him? Someone cast a poison field in the corner, for my sake and yours!


Do they all have him on mute? Do they not know the danger? Do they not see what's so blatantly obvious? This is a sinking ship, and they're taking me with them.

...and it begins.

Poison field from the front.

*step back*

Poison field from the side.

*step back*



Fatigued, without hope, without spirit, and with nothing to lose. I find a friendly face for a rez and throw myself back into the dungeon of deathrobes.

I try to hurry, but my legs are slowed by the rising level of death robes. First around my ankles, then at my waist, then suffocating around my neck. It's hard to breath. The musky cotton is sliding down my throat, choking me. I can smell it on my tongue. I can taste up my nostrills.

*spits up cotton wad*

I have nothing to lose, and press on.

I press forward, I press on bodies, and the death robes push me back. Overflowing, they push me back.

I push through, and they push through. They hack, shove, and slash the death robes around them. I make death robe shaped boulders and roll them at the people behind me--the riches are mine! Some warriors give me the stink eye so I craft death robe shaped poison fields, and they soon become confused in anger.

Too much time has elapsed. The death robes behind us are now pushing us forward, pushing us through the gates, momentum is on our side. I craft a death robe snowman to fool the others, but it's too late.

So close.

The true harrower is defeated. The bears and their masters bar the gates to the other level.

And through the bitter fighting, I take a peek at their pouches. The scrolls can't be far away.

One-by-one I snoop them. I snoop them all.

BLAST! They bested me again! I slide down the death robes to the lower level and inspect these tricksy bastards.

Every one of them I inspect. Every one of them are without scrolls.

Me > new tactic. If it's the last thing I do.

I crawl on the palms of my hands and on my knees, up the constant stream of robes. I make my way back upstairs.

*coughs up cotton ball*

And through my disapointment, through the mounds of robes, through the blood and bodies, something catches my eye--GOLD! pirella slips me a bag of sending, and we go to work. With only one bear present, we loot with smiles on our faces.

We slog our way to the exit.

Without pride, without personality, and without scrolls. But not empty handed.

Chad Sexington: one-hundred and seventy-five thousand gold pieces.
pirella: two-hundred and twenty thousand gold pieces.

Dungeon Covetous: too many death robes to count.

It would seem the alliance they felt so much security in, ultimately handicapped them and was their undoing.

Fields > Numbers.

'Til next time!

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