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Episode 245: Slim Pickings (Part 1 of 2)

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Hail friends,

Public Posting by Oczko:
Ok there is a house that is should be falling very soon. It's heavily Guarded bye, Diablo, Native Canadian, Zola, Envy, and some blue guy named beef cakes..

They are bola ganking like crazy So everyone needs to group up and come kill these scrubs.

An idoc in north luna guarded by a group of scrubs, you say?

*dramatically throws imaginary cape of IDOC Effectiveness +10 over shoulder*

(I'm off!)

--But first!

I get the word out of the collapsing house to anyone else available. After picking up some supplies I head on over.

Armed with some regs, a couple smoke bombs, an orange petal, a greater cure potion, and a bag of sending, I head on over to today's festivities.

There was a lone TNT, a single THC, a stray WCB, a pair of SP!, a few other solo artists, and a few naked stealthers, but the group of scrubs was the only significant, unified force at this party.

The front of the structure and all sides were covered with stranglers taunting and lurely any they could bait.

Grey Mullet and Enkil Visigoth join me as we decend upon the house.

Who knows what was waiting for us inside the house, but I (and everyone else around me) can already see a few prizes locked down on the house steps.

It would be a while before the action began so I find a nice place to roost as I pass the time.

And then Lord Shadow Spawn of JSV ruins it for the rest of us.

Now inside the house, the scrubs failed to drop him before he got through the door. If he was the house owner, he could transfer ownership of the house and this would all be over before it began. And even if he wasn't, the fun factor of the occasion just dropped significantly. This was because he was the only one with access to the house. All he'd have to do is gate travel to a remote bank or house of his choosing, dump off his goods, and jump back though before it closed. He would never have to take a step outside ever again.

There was nothing the rest of us could do except wait and watch him solo pillage the booty.

With Shadow Spawn looting away, the scrubs soon lose their nerve (and their patience).

An hour and half has passed and Enkil soon departs.

Now here with only Grey Mullet, the others congregate at the steps. Diablo (of the scrubs) shows and this time the tables are turned. This time he's the one luring and baiting.

Trajjiik takes one for the team and I take a peek.

(What a bunch of crap. I mean com'on, this is stuff I wear.)

Diablo would be back and instead of looting the fallen man, I wait for Diablo to come to me.

He stops to shovel the crap and I take advantage.

I get into position, mount my ethereal llama, take my well earned pet ball, and it looks like I wasn't going home empty handed after all!

--Or at least I would have if I wasn't stupid enough to be holding a magical wand during the attempted theft!

*shakes head*

But no matter!

With my cover blown and the blue brigade hot on his heels, I don't bother diving for the shadows. I join in on the gank squad and I tail him as closely as I can. Through the chaos I keep on taking swipes at the pet ball in hopes of a well timed (and lucky) steal.

Diablo Thantis: An Ex Por!
Diablo Thantis: All kill!

*Diablo Thantis (of the scrubs) is attacking you!*

(I don't think he appreciated my efforts.)


The blue brigade soon chases him away for good and it looks like the pet ball will have to wait for another day.

*pumps fist*

Meanwhile, back at the house...

Just like that;


It comes crashing down around us and at this point -- as told by many a wise men before me -- the rules of the thievery IDOC are clear:

Stage 1: Scavenge.

With a trio of greater dragons looking out for any surprise scrubs and guarding our flank, I scoop up every container I could get my hands on, hoping to get lucky. Each container I took a peek in had already been emptied (by Shadow Spawn) and after the first few I don't bother checking the rest before I scooped them up. I was left with no choice but to vacuum everything in sight just like everyone else.

(It was a race after all.)

A dozen empty containers and a few ground bows later, the game now moves to Stage 2: Snoop everyone in sight.


In addition to having a mis-spelled name and while looking dashing in his yellow robe (obviously wanting to join the guild), he stands on a field of victory, unflinching. He had a few blessed tokens, some rune books, and... a gift box full of Books of Truth?!

Stage 3: Steal until you can steal no more.

(My favorite stage!)

With a greater dragon, a yellow robed man, his ugly-chicken-mount-thing, and stone chairs all around, providing me with some impromptu cover, I was going to take my chances no matter what.

(I didn't come here for nothing.)

I take the first book and don't bother running. Instead, I focus on reaching behind the many empty containers that block the view of my own backpack and attempt to use the bag of sending to send my new book safely to my bank box.

*the blue brigade is attacking you!*

(I don't think they appreciated my efforts.)


But did I use the bag in time?

I rush to the bank and we'd soon find out!

(It was going to be close.)

I run through the sandstone streets, make it up to the stairs to the healers, glance at my bankpack contents, head on over to the banking area, and then...

I stop half-way up the stairs and look again.

(Three cheers for the 2-minute bless!)

(And from the sounds of things, it looked like Mullet successfully re-liberated my looted bows.)

I grab another bag of sending, head back over to the action, and find my future recruit still hovering over my body, checking my empty containers. And the remaining books were...

...right where I left them.

I take a second book and send it immediately. I don't bother running because all I needed was a few seconds. Just a few more seconds and the third and final book would be mine.

*a yellow robed man is attacking you!*

Mullet continues liberating the remaining bows and I dance the dance once more.

Faenwen seems to be having trouble reaching the remaining Soul Stone.

(Here, allow me.)

(They must be new at this.)

And around the corner, who do I find?


The third and final book was mine.

Back at the bank, I share my joy.

As much as SUPPERMAN may have wanted to join the guild, I'm afraid it's not going to work out after all. His execution was sloppy, his technique poor, and his style was lacking. (He had no game.) In fact, his skill in snooping, stealing, hiding, and stealth were undetectable as if nonexistent. Now that I think about it, I honestly don't remember ever guilding him to the Wannabe Stone and have no idea why he's sporting a recruitment robe in the first place.

*confused face*

With three Books of Truth, one Full Soulstone, and a plethora of liberated and re-liberated bows, I call it a win.

Slim pickings, but it'll do.

(And I'd be happy to return the Soulstone to its proper owner for a nominal finder's fee.)

'Til next time!

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