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Episode 194: I'm a ninja and don't you forget it. (Part 1 of 3)

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Hail friends,

Today's adventure is a long one and it started nearly two weeks ago.

Private Posting by WaVy GrAvY:

It's right across the bridge from Vesper the Bridge NE of the Bank!! Should be a chance to either nab some goodies for ourselves or lighten the burdens of some of our fellows.

It was slightly worn and it wasn't going to fall for a few days.


The 'few days' comes and goes:

I'd go through the minor details, but this wasn't today's adventure. It's not the story I want to tell.

Myself, Peter Griffin, Jose Muerto, WaVy GrAvY and Norrar on one side. And one KSS, a few MYTH, some other random straglers, a NEW, and four GIL on the other. We had lots of uninvited guests but aside from snooping empty packs it was pretty uneventful.

Although, there was a single high note when AEowyn arrived...

"All kill!" she shouts in WaVy's direction.

WaVy was no match! WaVy had to run away! WaVy was in trouble!


"LOL AEowyn."

(How embarrassing.)

We all swarm the corpse and loot the kill. I pick up some runic pieces, some not-so-runic pieces, and a very important crate.

I don't open it yet.

(I'm not stupid.)

The day grows long and more and more gather for the party.

The house was filled with potted plants, anniversary Trinsic flowers and chests full of thousands of stones of who knows what... and the UO Gods do what they do best.


3 days of checking its condition. 8 hours of waiting for it to fall. So very, very cruel. I head out to the Minoc Healers, pop open the very obvious chest and get burned by the very obvious trap.

(She must be new at this.)

I take AEowyn's crate and armor and go home.

*sad face*

::Flash Forward One Week::

I gate back to town (with my recently grandmastered Snooping skill) and find a very peculiar sight of very peculiar people.

(What's this?)

I wasn't hidden, so I don't bother hiding now. I approach and do a little investigating.

Lady Shadat, Alex, Alex and Alex... of the ALEX guild (?).

Ah, a group of lovely ladies... triplets in need of male companionship?

*crosses fingers*

So they have heard of me!

Lady Shadat: We're going house hunting.

(Oh, really?)

Chad Sexington: Ah, there's plenty of space for those.
Lady Shadat: Great.

She calls a magical gate and we say our farewells.

Lady Shadat, the black-robe-wearing Alex and the red-dress-wearing Alex go through. The beetle-riding Alex takes suspiciously long before entering.

I don't move a muscle.

Sufficiently satisfied with my well-intentioned nature, she jumps.

I follow.


I hop off the roof and they run off to the western bridge. I try to get them on Tracking. I choose the wrong Alex and my Tracking fails.

(I'll have to do this the hard way.)


But which piece of real estate did they have in mind?


They were fixing to start a little town of their own.

(Alex Town?)

I follow closely, but not too close. They move onward.

Now at the orc fort, Lady Shadat and Alex finally take a breather. The other two Alexeses(seses) are no where to be found. I take advantage of the lull in activity.

--And find Lady Shadat wearing a 100% LRC suit!

I check Shadat's pack.


Lady Shadat stand still and Alex runs around in circles. Lady Shadat calls another gate and I follow.

(What's this?)

"Where is this?" would be a better question.

It looks like Lady Shadat wasn't as new as she made the others seem after all!

(And it looks like I picked the right one to follow.)

"I wish to release this."
"I wish to release this."

She says at her house steps! I check the bone box on the steps but find it locked down and still full. I go for her pack and she steps to the left. She jumps through the gate. I follow close behind, fumble my Hiding, and ruin my much needed element of surprise!

(What did she have? What could it be??)

Lady Shadat: I mean you no harm!

(Funny how opposites attract. ^^)

She goes into Hiding and her trail goes cold. I do one circle around the complex before leaving. There was nothing to be done now against the hider.

(Not now.)

(Besides, I snooped her again, and it looks like the only thing she unlocked from her house steps was a House Placement Tool.)

Through all my Snooping, all I find is a nice Stealing ring. I pass on it in hopes of finding something else of greater value.

Besides... I had one other trick up my sleeve.

Lady Shadat's house.

Where was the house? Where could it be? The answer wasn't as difficult at it may have seemed. The house was on the coast with the ocean to the north on top of thin strip of housing. These were the only clues I had... and they were the only clues I needed.

I head to the broken shores of North Vesper.

(Damn, I'm good.)

But how to deal with those familiar with my adventures (and my techniques)? How to deal with four sets of eyes?

If I used my standard, south facing, tiny crate, they'd see right through it.


I guess it's a good thing I packed something special for an occasion such as this!

AEowyn's crate!

(I knew it would come in handy.)

I put the crate on the ground and wait for them to come to me.

An hour and a half passes...


My patience pays off.

A gate had opened with Lady Shadat the first to appear. She opened the crate and I don't bother wasting time. The other ALEX pour through the gate, see her dead body, and spot me hovering over it!

They run inside the house in search of much needed safety.

After a moment (and after I've looted everything of value) they gather up the courage to step out of their private home in search of this very harmless thief!

(She lies.)

Satisfied with my loot, I head back to town and sift through exactly what I've gotten.

A very nice, night sight, mana regen 2, mempo along with a very nice, 100% LRC, mana inclined ninja suit!

With a new ninja suit (to replace the one I lost at the Barter Town extravaganza a few weeks ago) I find one of my recruits causing a little mischief of his own!

Saint Dismas: Look what I grabbed a little while ago.

"You the guy from the website?"

(I guess they'll find out... one way or another.)

'Til next time!

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