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Episode 159: The Alleged Pilfering

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Hail friends,

It's nice when a plan all comes together -- but before we get to the end, it's best to start at the beginning. This morning I found a public advertisment in the center of town square that read:

Public Posting by Krystal of TnT:
This Saturday, July 19th, 4 PM Central! All templates are welcome. No pets, no summons, no looting. We are not responsible for stolen or lost items!! Public Vent for all who attend. Spectators are welcome, so come cheer for your favorites!

A community wide fight night can only mean on thing -- Opportunity Awaits!

With a blanket "No Looting" policy in full effect, it would mean that a house full of warriors decked out with their finest cursed and uncursed goods was about to congregate under one roof!

Everything was coming together and just in time. My training in Magery has finally begun and is soon catching up with skills in Stealing, Snooping, Hiding, Stealth, Ninjitsu and Tracking.

Although, some were still a little low... I decide to put some jewels I got from my last outing to good use.

Up until now, I had intentionally shyed away from any snatch and grab situations. I still couldn't transform into llama form reliably enough -- but no longer! This ring will do nicely.

And with my training in Stealth complete, I put away my Stealth jewelry and replace it with something a little more useful.

Low level Magery spells would serve me well in a pinch.

I bring the necessary equipment.

My skills were finally on the cusp of mediocrity and my gear was temporary at best. It would be a day of great risk. It would be a day of great reward.

(It would be a day to remember!)

With a date, time and location so thoughtfully provided by the locals, I set out a few hours early to scout out the area (and the scene of my latest crime).

Outside of Umbra, I spot one of their outposts.

(I'd be seeing them later.)

(I move on.)

Now in the ruins of what's left of the City of Stone Haven, I find a second outpost in front of the (private) grand arena. I stay a while, but no one comes out to play. (It's still much too early.)

I head back and wait for show time to come.

I do.

It did.

And I go back 5 minutes before, ready to have some fun.

I head out the bridge and find the first outpost empty.

(Did they start the party without me?)

I arrive to find a very full arena, a semi-full second outpost, and The NastyBunch FanClub staring at me like I owe him something. I circle around and my first chance at glory comes to me.

A sand monster, Lord One Eye, his pet dragon... and me.

(I like those odds.)

A pair of blessed Golden Skulls and little more.


He heads up to the arena, I circle back around and... it looks like I wasn't late after all!

Sir Toby Belch was not having a good day and it seems he was intent on providing me with the distraction I so rightly deserved (and demanded!).

Camilla's fully armored body lay on the ground and... something about her tantalizing my senses:

"Is that a new perfume you're wearing?" I ask her with my suggestive mind, "That's a wonderful fragrance."

"I'm on my period, if that's what you're asking." she shamelessly admits.

"That's disgusting and the sharing of that information is cruel and you can keep it to yourself next time." I leave the conversation, remind myself that I can't read minds, and tell myself that jokes about mentrual cycles are very immature and unnecessary!


(Where was I?)

(It wasn't worth taking, anyhow.)

They continue serenading the dead man with victorious war cries. My good luck would have it that one of them steps forward to check Sir Toby's body...

...and my bad luck would have it that it was the only warrior here that I've already snooped.


And finally, after all the mind games, planning, waiting and stalking, it finally pays off.

Sir Toby speaks up, Nym steps forward, and I take advantage.


I fail my first snoop, but do not reveal. I pop it open on the second try, but I wouldn't have much time. I snap out of llama form and set my sites on the staff. With three on the porch and three others inside (and possibly others on the way coming at any time from any direction), I make my move on the 6 stone staff and try to catch them in mid-coversation.

I make the steal, set myself into high gear, cast my llama form Ninjitsu spell and...

...it fails and fails again!

No one gives chase. Not a single one.

They must have been too busy exchanging pleasantries with each other with what I can only assume to have been mutual compliments about fighting styles and tactics. ^^

I don't take any chances as I finally change forms and find a safe place.


Back to the bank to stash my new found prize.

I thank thee for thy donation!

Public Posting by Croaker of TnT:
Note: the alleged pilfering allegedly occurred on the front steps of the fight night house. Chad Sexington is not accessed, but he can allegedly steal things outside!

'Til next time!

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