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Episode 008: Fun with House Looting (Part I)

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Hail friends,

Another groggy day at brit gate, the usual happenings... still happening.

Random sighting of wild bears. Too stupid and hungry to know they should fear us, yet smart enough to know they have teeth, claws, and about a 600 pound weight advantage over us.

*pumps fist*

And the occasional village idiot.

I tire of the gate for now. Instead I decide to introduce myself to some of the locals. ^^

Public houses with nobody home. I wait in anticipation. But their faces never show.

How rude.

Only two houses and already my legs are starting to cramp. I leave bags of flaming poo on their door steps and leave them to their own boredom.

I make my way back to Brit Gate, and find a present waiting for me. (For me? you shouldn't have ^^)

Daniellas House? Not exactly a death rune--it is labeled 'house'--and I haven't flipped off death nearly enough times today. So I crack my knuckles and I'm off.


Daniellas house turns out to be a large tower, but... Dan [XP] is there waiting! Sneaky bastard. Daniella = Dan? No time to ponder this now.


The murderer was too slow but scrambles for his Earthquake spell. His slowness leeches on to me and I can't get away in time. He begins an incantation for Blood Oath, while I'm at 1/3 health, rounding the corner of the tower.


Dan is right behind me but is still too slow. "In Vas Por" he says, while I shake off his slowness from me and Shadow Jump away.

How rude.

I return to extend the courtesy he has shown me (and hopefully fill my pockets) but he is gone. Probably to bring in reinforcements of his own. Or possibly to restock anti-slowness pots. I'm unsure at the moment.


I stick around hoping others will take the bait and recall to his house. I'll use his trap and bastarize it into my own. The doors are locked but Sybil, the vendor outside, may be useful. I tell him to keep his mouth shut or I'd deadly poison him with a swift shuriken to the face. He nods in agreement.

Instead of potential shoppers, the first face I see is Daniella (Dan?). She recalls in, survey's the area, and opens the front door!

How polite. ^^

My teleportation abilities are limited here. I could risk detection but I'm unsure if Daniella holds anything of value. I wait.

"Kal Ort Por"

She disappears, but while I wait, magical gates open and close at the front steps. Interesting.

Surprises keep on coming. The owner of the house, Daniellaangelo finally appears--with a Mutineer tag. Daniellaangelo = Daniella = Dan? I think not.

My cramps are starting up again. How long is this going to take? Her friends start showing up one-by-one.

I snoop their packs. But all I get are bandages, I could just take these and run but she seems to be re-stocking her vendors, so I decide to wait.

I take a seat while she sifts through her things. Just pick up one item of value that isn't insured or blessed. That's all I want. This slowness disease must be contagious, but it is that time of year.

Enter Supreme Being.

A faction purple spellbook plops on the ground! But inbetween me and and the spellbook are Daniellaangelo, a red, and a Cu Sidhe. I tell Sybil to create a distraction but he refuses. Supreme Bings picks up the spellbook, leaves, and I miss my opportunity.

Back and forth to her vendors she goes. Stocking demon slayer bows, and other nice items that I can't wait to get my hands on. Every time they're either out of reach or back in Sybil's hands just before I make the steal.

She finally heads toward the back room, which was beyond my reach. I suspect the good stuff is back there, in the only locked room in the house. I'm getting impatient. Her pack is visible and armor, talismen, clothing, and weapons keep moving from her boxes to her pack. But magical energies prevent me from seeing what is stealable and what is not.

Enough. I'm taking the next thing that catches my eye.

Talisman? nope.

Leather Sleeves? hmm... no.

Ice White Leather Sleeves? good enough.

Here we go. Enough is enough. I'm tired. All this waiting all for this moment. I position myself infront of her doorway. I wipe the sweat from my palms. She'll have to pass this way.

She dashes for the door.

I make the steal.




"You cannot steal this item."


I excuse myself from her presence and return my sorry self back to luna. I need to re-stock on anti-suckage pots. I always forget that.


Empty handed.


Back to luna.


Back to luna moongate.


Back to "dropped Golden Vet Robe on the ground that someone accidentally mistook for their death robe as they got rezzed by the local healer?"





'Til next time!

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