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Episode 091: Black Magic

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Hail friends,

Still hazey eyed with my senses still trying to catch up with the world, here I sit on a log in front of Fire, next to my new foreign language speaking fiend, at the crack of dawn.

Not expecting anything and not looking for any action in particular, I sit and snoop my new friend and a couple G!B. The G!B also farting around, sparring with each other.

I entertain myself by helping myself to as many cure potions as I could before getting caught.

But enough is enough. I head into the dungeon to try to see what I could see. (And steal!)

The G!B head to Despise, I make an S-turn into the heart of Fire. And who do I find, but one of my other foreign language speaking friends beating on lich lords with an elemental slaying kryss (?).


I follow him close and watch him as he tires of the lichs, dismounts his horse around the corner (oh really?), transforms into a wraith, and heads into the efreet room.

The plan was simple, the plan was routine, and I expected none but my pockets slightly heavier as I went on with yet another uneventful day.

Oh how wrong I would be.

I find Lady Sakura at the door to the efreet room, she swings open the door, I follow closely, and it shuts behind.

(So far so good.)

But this is where I make my mistake. This is where everything goes to hell. Where I underestimate my opponent, her skills, her magical powers, and I fall right into her trap. In this room, there was no escape. Not for me.

(And I'll tell you why.)

I set up next to her to the north and to the side and I eye the stack of 60 powder. I grab the powder, cast invisibility, target myself, go into the shadows and take what's mine!


This is not victory! I count my powder, wait a moment, try to shadow jump to the door, and... and...

...I'm unable to move! I'm stuck. I'm frozen. And I've heard of these powers before. This was not a normal kyrss wielding vampire! This one dabbled in the dark magicks -- the forbidden arts -- the blackest of magicks.

She was fighting dirty and there was nothing I could do about it.

Into the void I go.

My invisiblity spell wearing off as I speak, no doubt. And then I get that gut wrenching feeling like no other. This may only be the prelude to even darker mockery. I've heard the stories of suits falling of warriors. I've heard of insurance and blessing failing at the will of others. And those stories always start with getting sent to the void.

It seems Karma has finally caught up with me.


*pumps fist at Karma*

I slip back from the void and see nothing but black & white and an very ominous warning regarding a mount that I do not own. The efreets live, Lady Sakura is gone, and my dead body lay lifeless in the middle of the room.

I head for the healers.

I arrive, the healer guildmaster lectures me on my evil ways, and yet ressurects me still. (Sucker!)

I take a deep breathe, pop open my pack, and...


...everything seems to be in order.


I pass by the sparring G!B once more and can't help myself in expressing my sudden epiphany:

Perhaps this is a sign? Perhaps this was my chance -- my only chance -- to change the way I live my life. Have I gone too far in the days of late? Should I give up this life of thievery while I still could?

This was a warning. My last warning.

I tell them good day and recall home in front of the sparring G!B to ponder the meaning of my sad little life.

...which I then recall straight back in a safe location, away from their view. (This way they'll think I've gone.)


(What? How could I not?)


Give up? HA!

Give up this life of glory? PAH!

I march myself straight back, deep inside Fire, back to claim the 60 powder that was denied me!


(You underestimate my greed, sir.)

Gone with my powder. (And gone with my cure potions!)


I double back to Despise on the hunt for Lady Sakura and my missing powder. (Perhaps she came to join her #B# foreign launguage friends.)

Her friends were equip with bags of sending, but no powder to be found.

I continue my hunt and head to the star room. The G!B pull off the champ and collect at the gate.

120 Discord!

...but no powder. (And just out of my reach.)

I head back to Fire Entrance and find my cure potion carrying friend.

I humor myself once more while I wait for the black mage to return.

But alas, she never does. I go home and am forced to be satisfied with my cure potions.

Maybe this was the sign. Perhaps Karma knew I'd come back calling. But to right the errors of my ways? For what? A chance to kill dragons?

Glorious victory from farming efreets?


(You underestimate my greed, sir.)

'Til next time!

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