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Episode 124: Slaying dragons can be hazardous to your health.

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Hail friends,

I don't patrol the dungeons as much as they say I do. Normally, all that awaits me are the echoes of my own girly tears as they run off my delicate face.

(Don't judge me.)

But when I do find what I'm looking for... the glory is over whelming, the plan comes together, and my pants begin to tent. Tonight was no exception as I expand my patrol and stop by the Dungeon of Destard...

...and tonight, I wouldn't be alone.

A lone packy, more than a hundred dragon scales, a few hundred pieces of barbed leather, and a few thousand gold pieces... just for me.

I step inside and find what I'm looking for.

I follow the decaying carcasses.

--And find that I've come just in time!

Blue dragon corpses around a still live horse and a very blue body! And it wasn't just any bloobie that greets me. It was AX, the Dragon Slayer himself!

An Mana Regen 2 tunic and an even better 17% LRC leggings... but no careless uninsured 10th Anniversary artifacts.


I take everything of value and scoop up the loose feluccan rune out of habbit.

He would be back and I'd have to be ready. I leave the rest and check out how my packhorse was doing.

I don't bother wasting a shuriken. The loot fits neatly in my pockets and find myself maxing out my carrying capacity.

I wait for my criminal flag to wear off and find Horsey's luck no better than its master's.

I bank my goods and return to the scene of the crime. AX is back and he brought a friend.

Bob was a funny looking fellow wearing even funnier looking sandals. I have my misgivings about this shady looking man but still... any friend of AX is a friend of mine!

Ah, AX! You've convinced me! Please, let me introduce myself.

With nothing but an insured flute and a few bandages I let the cards fall as they may and they fall in all the right places:

AX dives into the dungeon to retrives what's left of his belongings and Bob goes grey from helping his dead friend.

And there I am. With the mountless AX gone leaving myself and grey Bob with his uninsured 100% LRC suit. I hop on my mount, equip my dagger, and prepare a poisonous strike.

I hesitate.

"BUT WHY!?" the angry mob yells as it as they prods me with sticks. "IT'S ALL LAID OUT FOR YOU FOR THE TAKING!!" they continue to heckle me as my mind searches for the answer. My mind searches for the reason for my hesitation and I fail to come up with an answer.

(Something else was at work. I let it play out.)

AX returns.

"Do you want a beetle?" Bob inquires as I listen.

"Val Rel Por!" Bob yells out.

I wait for a red gate...

...and recieve none. But I wasn't done yet.

I skip the gate and find the nearest moongate. (Without a full set up Trammel runes I'm forced to take the long way around.)

To the Ant Hole, I go.

I arrive at the blue beetles two moments too late.

I spit out the other end still hot on their trail and head back to Destard.

(Ah, there you are.)

The Dragon Slayer dances his dance with his fresh beetle and I wait for that moment I need to get in close.

He dances right.

I snoop left.

And I find a very nice War Fork! Ah, yes. You'll do.

He dances north and I track him from the west. He fills his pockets with his scales and his leather... but I've already decided what would be mine this night.

I test the mighty slayer and I make my move.

I dash for the exit and track him in pursuit at my rear.

...but he's much too slow.

I watch as the Dragon Slayer searches for this tiny thief. I claim his War Fork as my own and add it to the rest of the loot this day.

I pass on the LRC but the gamble pays off.

(It's nice when plan comes together.)

'Til next time!

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